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Abide in Him

Like a flower, pale in the noonday sun, I see myself blooming under His care, in the light of the Word of God. He nurtures me, patiently, kindly, with caution in handling. Nothing He gives me is too much, and I am His.

“You’ve got to trust me,” he says, and I do, with a trust that is unyielding, steady and focused, because He strengthens me.

Every planting needs water, that’s part of the care they rely on. In Him, I am watered with the Word of God. Like water to a plant, the Word of God must be applied to our hearts daily. It helps us grow.

Through His Word I learn His great commandment, that we should love Him with all our hearts, souls and minds. (Matthew 22:37) We should love him with every breath of our being, every moment of our time, and every beat of our hearts. Loving him should be as natural as living itself… because it is His love for us that is the cause of our creation.

Because we love Him, it is natural for us to want to try to please Him, so we are obedient to the suggestions of the Word as well as we are able. We pray daily, study the Word, and honor Him by focusing our minds on what He taught.

When we became Christians He placed His Spirit into our hearts. He abides in us and we abide in Him. We think about Him throughout the day, pray frequently, and never forget that we are His. He bought us with His blood, and our loyalty is freely given.

Before I became a Christian I didn’t know what it meant to abide in Him. I read the Bible but much was inaccessible to my understanding because I hadn’t agreed to give my heart and life to Him.

After I was saved, I began to understand, little by little. My life was purchased by His blood, His sacrifice on the cross. I freely made the decision to thank Him, to express my gratitude, by giving my life to Him. By His grace I was led to do that. I pray to live this life in alignment with His Will. I don’t know what He wants me to do but I’m willing to try to do whatever He wants.

Writing this page was difficult for me, but I prayed over it, and asked for help. Somehow I’ve stumbled through to the end and am picking up the pieces of my confidence, grateful because I know whenever I need help, He is there. He is always with me. He must be an incredibly multifaceted Being to be able to accommodate the needs of millions of His people at the same time. In acknowledging His greatness, I am humbled and blessed at the same time.

When we abide in Him, there’s no room for pride. There’s only room for love, and as we love Him with all our hearts, souls, and minds… we extend that outward to others, obeying His second commandment: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” It is the natural thing to do. The Holy Spirit works within us, changing us, molding us, reforming us, healing us, until we’re able to be an example of Jesus’ presence in the world.

He has conquered death and He lives in us.

Image source: Linda Jo Martin – it is a “Gardener’s Market” sign from Happy Camp, California.

3 thoughts on “Abide in Him

  1. Anu, I have always lived in rented homes and never have owned one. There are benefits to not being tied down to a house. Please trust God to lead you in the best way for you. He is merciful and has amazing good intentions for all of us.

    When you give your life to Him – He will fill you with Holy Spirit and use you in His plans… it is a wonderful thing and you can always be satisfied even if you don’t have a lot of things in the world . I live on very little and am in an apartment living alone. No matter what, I know that God is taking care of me and everything will proceed according to His will.

    The Bible says “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) So trust Him and know He’s watching out for you. Seriously, amazing things can happen for you that way.

    1. Thanks for ur too believe that god is watching me and he will bess me.but i dont knw what to do when so much problems are rounding me.i dont how i ll face all the dramatic situations. Thanks to god and u for giving such a reply.ple include me in prayer.i m a hindu girl so i dont knw much about ple consider my mistakes

  2. I m fed up of my life.i dont have a home .dont have a gud family consist of 4members.i m living in a rent house.i m trying alot tosucceed in lyf .please ..i dont knw wt to do…

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