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If you need prayer for yourself or anyone else, leave a comment on one of the pages here to let me know. I read all comments before they are posted.

About me… I was born in 1952 in the San Francisco Bay Area and now am living in far-northern Idaho near the Spokane River. I write all sorts of things, not just prayers. I’ve written a novel: River Girl.

I’m the Book Lady on YouTube: Book Lady Channel

My main blog: Linda Jo Martin

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  1. I am praying for Protecton, Healing from any (evil ) or bad Spirit That we incounter in our life’s that , Jesse and me stay as one Keep our Relationship, Commitment ,Strong with My Faith , love,Strength to him and his Faith , love Strength to me to give cherish Forever for as long as we shall live until Death do us part Amen ‘

  2. Dear heavenly Father Jesus, I come to you today in prayer for my daughter, Erika and her sickly 3 yr. old son to find the perfect house that is in her budget. She has to get it within 10 days, father. I pray that you will intercede on her behalf as she has worked very hard. I also pray that you will send a miracle and heal her little son with his ailments. I know you love your children, father.

    I also plead that others will also pray for the right house to be found asap and for the 3 yr. old son to receive the blessed miracle of perfect health.

    My daughter is a single mother and her life is very difficult without any family around to help her because of where the military puts her.

    Thus, I pray for help from our beloved father, Jesus and any prayers on my daughter’s behalf.

    I pray this in Jesus’s name.

  3. I am in need of a home of my that I can run animal rescue from. I Amin need of a permanent home as I can’t handle renting and being a tenant. It is far to difficult! I need to move quickly as my landlord is pushing me out.

  4. Dear God,
    I am praying for a money miracle, which I need now in a hurry as I only have £8.00 in my bank account.
    I am in a financial debts and bills and I need £2000.00 this week I am struggling to make ends meat, but still keep falling short on money every month.
    Please pray God will bless me real soon will all kinds of money Blessing, with lots of good luck.
    Thank you God for blessing me right now, in Jesus name, we pray. God Blessings to all.

  5. I would like to ask Jesus to favour me to get house 86 Addison Crescent for me and my kids in Jesus name lord my god I as for the favour it is the perfect house for me and kids and I ask Jesus to favour us for that house in Jesus name

  6. Hi my name is Michelle I am 50 years of age I am in need of prayer I’ve been going through things throughout my life some years ago I have lost the house that I was renting and I have to go live in my truck and in from there i I found apartment the lord bless me with the place for 5 years until I could not pay for my apartment no more he guided me to move out good thing that I did or I would have been playing back departments; cuz I could not pay for the bills no more. I was forced to move in with my daughter and her for kids and heart boyfriend which is hard for me it is stressing I have a flu sickness one of them is I have seizures every day and not being able to get rest due to the stress from being here it’s hard for me to focus on the Lord and what I want I need prayer so many bad things has been happening in my life and there is bad energy here at this place and it makes me sick I am praying to the Lord for a debt-free home and to be blessed to bless others in the homeless and people’s that’s in need of help. I also always meant to write a book about my childhood what I’ve been through I thought it would help others but I do not have no money to do so maybe one day I want to thank you for taking your time and reading what I have you God bless

  7. I am deeply hurt that cps took my baby girl which is actually my grand baby who i’ve had since she was a new born yes she is with my sister in law and boy friend who is on drugs and cps will not do anything my sister is a nurse in ind and has past her home study they said if I had my grandson in the home who is eleven now they would not return her they also said my mama could not move out and get her on place because she has to be here for moral support I can see her cook for her dress her even attend school meetings but can not have her home she belongs at I have the other two and was told that if my other grandson was in the home when they removed her they would of took him also which is a lie he was there in my home and he has not been able to talk or see his sister I did all services on my own never waited for cps to tell me nothing got counseling all on my own never used drugs drink or anything for my baby girl to be removed and on my other two grand children cps put them back with me and I still had a thirty year past and got custody of them please pray for me this is so hard for me without my little angel.

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