Abundance Prayer

An Abundance Prayer

Heavenly Father, guide me in Your paths, and teach me your ways. You are the greatest blessing of my life. I thank You for my salvation and the joy given by Your Holy Spirit.

So many of us are living in poverty these days, and long for financial abundance to be able to live more comfortably. Lord, I ask that you bless us with what we need, and help us accept the conditions You have appointed for our lives. You alone know who should be made prosperous, and who would serve You better by learning to live with some deprivation.

Your abundance is of the Spirit, Heavenly Father, and I thank You for that. Show me how to be happy with what You’ve given me, and instill in me the spirit of gratitude and the blessing of holiness, for Your name’s sake.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

— Linda Jo Martin

4 thoughts on “An Abundance Prayer

  1. God bless you all in the mighty name of Jesus. My name is David and over the past 4 and a half years my wife and I along with our three children ages from sixteen down to six have been living with my mother in-law. We suffered hardship a few years ago when we lost our house to foreclosure due to the fact I was out of work. We were given a prophetic word that God was about to turn things around in our favor. We are currently in a 3 bedroom house with my mother in-law. My kids, two girls and a boy, share one room. I’ve just been asked less than three weeks ago to be the new pastor of a local church. No one knows our set back and though it’s been hard, we still trust God in the midst of all these trials. We want a house, or may I say we need a home of our own. It’s been hard to even study for sermons with the house being so small for all of us. We are asking God for a financial miracle that would put us right where we need to be to purchase a house that would be big enough for our family. We are givers and we give to so many people as God bless us to do so. My passion is preaching and teaching the word of God. I’m not ashamed to ask for prayer from believers who I feel can touch and agree with my wife and I for this well needed transition. We love all of you in the name of our Lord and Savior Yeshua ha Meshiach. Praying that every petition on this chain of prayers be granted by the Giver of Life. Amen!

  2. Brothers and sisters in Christ please pray with my husband and I. We sold our home of 28 years, 6 years ago, and had a bit form the sale. Shortly after, we were involved in an auto accident which left the two of us with many injuries and we have not been able to work since. We have since exhausted all our money. We have been living in apartments. We have 9 grandkids, 3 sons, and their wives. Where we live there is no visitor parking and no one comes to see us any more. We thank God for this cute apartment but pray also if it is his Holy that we can buy a home again. One that is full of Gods grace and mercy. One where all who come over will feel God’s Holy Spirit and feel loved, cared for, fed, and housed. Whatever their needs. We had this with the home we sold. Please dear Jesus we pray we will be able to once again have our own home. Big enough to accommodate our family and whoever comes over with lots of parking and a peaceful back yard. Please Heavenly Father if this is your will help us somehow get the money needed to buy this home and have no debts. Let us become the lenders and not the borrowers. I ask all this in Jesus mighty name. We pray for our hearings and health so we will have the strength to do God’s Will. Thank you brothers and sisters for praying for us.

  3. Father God, i and my wife are about to buy a first house. Please allow the loan to get approved for the right amount and I pray supernaturally for the right house. Lord please direct my steps and I pray for the right place to appear. Let the Holy Spirit make it known when it is the right place. It’s time for a new place to call home

  4. I am looking for a house closer to my work place . The only houses fit for my budget are an hours drive from work. I have a strong feeling that there is one house somewhere which is very close. Just praying for that hope to be true. My prayer will be answered one of these days.

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