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How To Avoid Arguments

Would you like to know how to avoid arguments? Would you like for the arguing to simply cease and leave you in peace?

Avoid Arguimentative People

Pride gives birth to arguments, while wisdom is the path to peace.

When you are involved in a lot of arguments, you can be sure that the Lord is not the one in control of your life. If we’ve indicated to Him that we’re not willing to live life as He would want us to, we are allowed to make our own choices, and then we have to live with our own mistakes.

God will never leave you, but have you left Him? He is aware of your suffering. Have you appealed to Him, to ask for a release from the painful situation you find yourself in? Until you do, it is likely that the unpleasantness will continue, or worsen.

Many of us turned away from God, thinking we could live life pretty well on our own without His help. We went our own way and did our own thing, but our path of personal pride led us to discord, distress, dismay and disaster. When we’re willing to discard that pride, to become humble and willing to learn from God, we are on the path toward gaining the wisdom we need to rearrange and clean up our lives.

Water flows downhill. In the same way, wisdom flows into the heart of a humble soul.

If you’re involved in arguments, you’re seeing the result of pride. Please analyze your situation. Is that the way you want to live? What are your goals for your life? Is the diseased relationship the one that will help you achieve your goals? Do you want to continue on with someone who will not let you live in peace?

Part of our release from argumentative relationships will come when we’re willing to give up everything we value in order to find peace. So how important is peace to you? What are you willing to eliminate from your life in order to find peace?

Are you willing to give up the idea that you’re able to live a peaceful life without Jesus?

In the photo at the top of this page, I was standing on logs that were once part of a bridge in the forest. The forest service came by and burned the bridge, destroying it, and they destroyed a nearby cabin as well. They didn’t want people living in the forest or building bridges there.

That’s what my life had become. I thought my relationship was a bridge to see me through difficult times, but the person I’d allowed into my life turned on me.

His constant interruptions into my peace and quiet were traumatic and tumultuous for me. I researched the problem, and came up with the idea that he was being verbally abusive. He tried to change, but he couldn’t maintain peace. As I learned more about the issues I was living with, I became more unwilling to quietly sit in shock listening to him pontificate at length about how flawed he thought I was. I started speaking up for myself more, and so our arguments escalated.

The situation became unbearable for me, and then I broke. I asked God to save me from the situation. That’s what it took to get me out of there, because this man wasn’t willing to let go until the very end, and then I told him, “God is taking care of me now.” And guess what? That’s exactly what happened. God has taken care of me from that time to this. I gave up a diseased relationship for a life of love and peace.

I hope others will find the way to avoid arguments by taking responsibility for their part in getting into the situation, then asking God into their lives to change it.

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  1. That is so powerful .it’s exactly wat I’m going through now .God bless u for that .it really got my attention.

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