Don't Dwell on the Past

Live For Today, Don’t Dwell on the Past

Do you keep thinking about things past? Do you have regrets that bother you a lot? I wrote this prayer for people who need to stay in the present and let the past go.

God, I ask that You assist me to stop worrying about things in the past.

What’s done is done and cannot be changed.

I have learned from my past mistakes and now am living my life in a better way.

I celebrate the present, and the many blessings You continually bring into my life.

Please help me.

Allow me to stop dwelling on things that happened long ago.

Don’t let those things take up space in my mind and shut out the beauty of all that is, right now.

Let me move forward knowing that Your loving-kindness surrounds me.

I thank You Lord, for Your light on my path.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Linda Jo Martin, author of River Girl.

Added 10/12/14 – I wrote this only two weeks after I became a Christian in 2013. What a time I was going through back then. I had just left my boyfriend of seven years after a mind-boggling meltdown on his part, and moved to Idaho by myself, only to endure a lot of hardship because I gave that man my car.

Two weeks later I walked into a church so I could thank God for helping me out of that bad situation, and removing me to a decent place and beautiful apartment… and I was saved. Really unexpected. Prior to that, prayers on this blog were from any and every religion. I’ve totally changed how I was thinking.

All those years I didn’t know Jesus… and thought there was one God and all religions were from Him. But I was so deluded. The blinders were taken off my eyes… and I finally realized that Jesus saves and heals… like nobody else can.

Did I really think that I would stop thinking about the ex-boyfriend so quickly? When I wrote this prayer, on July 28, 2013, I was almost one month out of that relationship. I was still in shock. Breaking up is hard to do, even if you’re the one that wants to do it.

I went through a lot after that, with an emphasis on forgiveness. I had a lot to forgive him for, and I had to forgive myself too.

A year after moving to Idaho, on July 4, 2014, I was baptized for the first time in my life at the age of 61.

Because of all the changes in my life, I’m going through this blog about prayers, and sprucing it up, to match my new-found devotion for Jesus. I’ve learned that there is nobody else like Him. He is the forgiver of sins. He is the greatest healer who ever lived, and He healed my broken heart.

Yes, the past is gone. I’m over it.

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