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How to Keep a Prayer Journal

I received a beautiful blue prayer journal, Dear God, Guide Me In Prayer, from a friend a few years ago, and was immediately drawn to it even though I wasn’t a Christian at the time.

She said, “You can take it if you want it. When I saw it I kept thinking of you.”

I quickly thanked her and assured her I did want the book. In the back of my mind I was thinking ahead. I knew I was about to break up with my boyfriend of seven years and would need a place to write my angst. The journal was an immense comfort to me in the months following our separation.

Time to pray

A prayer journal is more than comfort – it is a place to keep a history of prayer life.

As a new Christian (as of July 14, 2013) I am still learning about prayer. I’m dedicated to having a prayerful life, and am reading books about prayer. (I’ve listed some of these books at the bottom of this page.)

I filled about half the journal by writing about the relationship that was. I’ve recovered from that, and my journal is now dedicated to being a real prayer journal – one full of scriptures, prayers I’ve written, notes about answers to prayer, and messages I received from the Holy Spirit.

How to Use Your Prayer Journal

Time required: 20 minutes to start

Difficulty: easy

Cost: Any notebook will do: $3 or more

Materials: Notebook, Bible, faith, and a heart full of love

Tools: A pen!


1. Dedicate your notebook to God. Pray about that. You can write your dedication on the first page of the notebook.

2. Write lists of people to pray for, and what their needs are. It is okay to write out your prayers in the journal, or just write the names and dates that you prayed for them, and what for. You can find people to pray for at online prayer lists, or just look around at your family and friends and determine what their needs are. Of course it is best to pray for God’s Will to be done, but the Holy Spirit will intercede for you and, knowing you only want God’s Will to be done, will convey your desires to the Lord with that in mind.

3. Don’t forget to include yourself… write prayers for whatever it is you need as you make steady progress on developing a Christian life. Rather than just praying for your material needs, remember to pray for your spiritual growth, for virtues you need to develop, and for protection from dark forces. When you pray you become a target for attacks from the dark side so protection should always be uppermost in your mind. If things start going wrong in your life, you might consider these attacks as a source. Remember to put on the armor of God (see Ephesians 6:10-18) which includes truth, faith, righteousness, study of God’s Word, and salvation.

4. You will get answers to your prayers! When you do, write about them in your journal. Recently I’ve had three prayers answered… one regarding my desire to be able to pay my bills, one for my son’s transportation – he finally found a transmission for that truck of his, and I also got a partial answer when my daughter cut down on smoking tobacco and is becoming much more free of the habit. These kinds of confirmations and blessings are so precious… so write them down in the prayer journal so you’ll have an ongoing record of success, and so you’ll know God is listening and helping all He can.

5. Write down scriptures that have meaning to you for your prayer life. One woman whose video I saw on YouTube uses sticky notes for scriptures she wants to memorize, then leaves those notes right in the pages of the prayer journal she uses every day. Any Bible scriptures that explain prayer or encourage it should find a home in the pages of your prayer journal. Remember, this journal is there to inspire you in your prayer warrior work.

6. Write about whatever else applies to your day-to-day spiritual life. Anything that has meaning for you, that you find inspirational and uplifting, could be noted in the pages of your journal.

7. When the Holy Spirit speaks to you, write it down in your journal. That way you’ll have a record of the wonderful things you learned, and since everything in the journal is dated, you’ll know when that beautiful message came to you. Whenever you pray, take time to listen to see if the Spirit is speaking to you. You’ll be amazed at the inspirations you get, or words that manifest in your consciousness.

Books About Prayer

Here’s my short list of books about prayer – I’ve either read these or am currently reading them.

Secrets of a Prayer Warrior – I’m reading this book now, and it is excellent.

The Essentials of Effective Prayer (40-Minute Bible Studies) – This is short and sweet. Our women’s group used it for a Bible study. I reviewed it on YouTube.

Prayers That Rout Demons: Prayers for Defeating Demons and Overthrowing the Powers of Darkness – I just got this book and am still somewhere in chapter one. It is very intense! It doesn’t tell us how to pray, but instead lists confessions, prayers, renunciations, declarations and more… most of these are from scripture.

As We Forgive Those, How To Forgive Others, Ourselves And God – a good book with a special forgiveness prayer in it. He explains each section of the prayer and in this way we can learn what forgiveness is all about.

Prayer journal in the Bible’s wide margin

Prayer journal example from Pinterest

Prayer journal example from Pinterest

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