Power of God to Transform You

Let Him Transform You

Are you ready to let Him transform you? Are you ready to humble yourself before Him and ask for His help? Are you ready to lay your life down in front of Him, giving your heart to Him in thanks for the sacrifice He made for you, on the cross?

Jesus can transform your life
Jesus can transform your life. You may think you have problems that will never go away, but give them to Him and see what happens. His plans are the best plans. Trust Him.
Jesus came into the world to redeem and heal us. His precious sacrifice has opened the way for us, for forgiveness of sins and the healing of our souls.

When a person becomes a Christian, the Holy Spirit enters their heart. That Holy Spirit is our connection with the Godhead. When we say our prayers, the Holy Spirit takes what we said and translates it into God’s language. He listens. This miraculous Being of omnipotence and might listens to us because He cares.

Nobody comes to Jesus unscathed by sinful living. We’ve all made mistakes. We all have difficult personality traits and serious personal problems. But guess what? God knows all the answers, and He knows exactly what we need to make our lives better. We may think we need a new car, but He knows we need something entirely different, and if we’re willing to discard our desires in favor of His Will, we can have a true transformation in our lives.

Jesus is the greatest healer ever known to humankind. Jesus sees every part of us, and knows everything about our lives. He can diagnose the problems and set up situations that will eradicate the roots of those problems. We need only be willing to live our lives in alignment with His will for us.

Are you ready for that?

When I came to Jesus, I had just been through a terrible and degrading situation. I was left in a strange place with no car, and very little money. I used what I had to rent a motel room for five days. If I’d been homeless one more day I would have had to go live on the streets or in a homeless shelter. But God was merciful and just as I ran out of financial resources, I was given permission to move into an apartment.

The apartment was two and a half miles from the nearest store, and so often I made this long walk to get groceries. My feet hurt and I suffered from the heat… but all that strengthened me. I had no money for a car. I really wanted one, but it was not to be, because all the walking and bike riding I’ve done have served to make me stronger and healthier. I needed that. If this is God’s plan for me, I’m all for it.

Because I had to walk, I was forced to enter a church on a hot day because I’d run out of water and was getting heat exhaustion. They had a little coffee house set up in their fellowship hall and I ordered a wonderful and inexpensive iced mocha. While there I asked if this church was formal or informal (speaking of attire) and I was assured that I could dress informally. A good thing because my closet didn’t have much in the way of formal clothing!

The following Sunday I walked into that church to give my life to Jesus, in gratitude for all He’d done for me.

What I didn’t expect was the transformation of my life. When I gave my heart to Jesus and allowed the Holy Spirit in, I didn’t know all the changes that would take place. I didn’t know that God had plans for my life. (Jeremiah 29:11) But over the course of the last year I can see remarkable changes in my life. No, I still don’t have a car, but guess what – I don’t even want one anymore. I know that when it would be wise for me to have a car, God will make that available.

So long as I’m living my life in alignment with God’s will, I am sure all the best possible things are happening. So, are you ready to let Him transform you? Are you ready for Him to make your life better? I am sure that if you are willing, good things will happen for you too.

Image sources: Pixabay, Linda Jo Martin

3 thoughts on “Let Him Transform You


    I Know Jesus can change my life

    Few months back I just shouted in my mind.. HELP ME

    He listen to me and gave me his hand..

    I was a sinner , with all doubts in mind..

    Truly today I am some what changed and have hope to live

    I dont have own home no marriage.. nothing in life,,

    Even though I am happy… because I know my lord has a plan for me.

    I am a chosen one..

    Waiting for the day , moments.

    Praise the lord


    1. Yes, it is amazing, how He changes us. I never expected to become a Christian – and when it did happen – never expected how my life would be transformed. I am praising Him with you!

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