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A Morning Prayer

Lord, I praise You and love You and thank You for every day of my life, for the wisdom You have poured forth on me and on the world through Your Son, Jesus Christ, Your Divine Prophets and Messengers, and for the Grace You shed on me that led me back to Thee.

Morning Prayer
Psalm 108:2
Let this be a day of thanksgiving and beauty, a day of scripture study and education, a day that I will look back on, in the late evening hours, saying, “time well spent.”

Please count me worthy of Your Grace today and bless my relatives, friends and loved ones with Your Loving-Kindness and Favor.

May we all meet again in Heaven when this life is done.

In the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen!

Prayer by Linda Jo Martin…

I love the early morning hours. When I can wake up refreshed at five in the morning, I count it a lucky day. I toss off my blankets and get up without hesitation, knowing what awaits.

I go into my kitchen and start tea, and turn on the light in my reading room. There I make myself comfortable on the sofa with my tea on the table nearby, and put a pile of pillows on my lap, covered with a beautiful scarf, as something special to place my big Bible on.

I open the Bible and look at what’s before me… then close my eyes to pray. Those early morning prayers are so precious to me. I desire to talk to Father God, to tell Him how much I love Him and what He’s done for my life. My mind wanders at times when I talk to Him and I hesitate, lost in thought. Then I wonder if there was a reason my mind wandered to that topic or issue. I return to my thoughts of Him, and give Him my requests, which I’m sure He has memorized by now as so often they’re the same things I asked for the day before, and the day before that.

When I’m done with our conversation (and hopefully I’ve taken time to listen for His voice) I say my “Amen” and go on to recite a few Bible prayers I’ve memorized… the Prayer of Jabez, the 23rd Psalm, Psalms 34 and 61. I’m working on memorizing Psalm 25. “To You, O Lord, I lift up my soul. O my God, I trust in You.”

Next is my reading time. Well, reading and studying. I’m a verse collector. As I read I write verses in my study notebooks. Long story, and I’ll explain how I’m doing that someday, and to what purpose.

I’ve tried starting the day without this morning ritual, and honestly, I see a huge difference. My morning prayer and Bible reading time is what balances me and prepares me for the day ahead. Without God, I am nothing.

6 thoughts on “A Morning Prayer

  1. please would you pray for my girlfriend aida and myself fritz that our relationship and love for each other goes according to gods plan and is a huge testimony
    please would you pray for my business and finances that they prosper

    thank you

    god bless

  2. Hi I like your prayers they always lift up my spirit and not to give up know that GOD is always with us protecting us always, I would like you to send me prayers me and my husband we looking for buying a home next year please pray for us we need prayers so that GOD can help us and guide us, let the bank approve our application next year we need a home for our children and for us to have our own home please pray with us and encourage us know that GOD is always with us and not to give up.

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