Praise God… How Great Thou Art

I just got back from church and while walking home, could not forget the last song we sang there tonight… How Great Thou Art. I love this version by Dolly Parton with a Hawaiian boy’s choir:

Then sing my soul, my Savior, God, to Thee… How great Thou art, How great Thou art!

Here are the lyrics by Stuart K. Hine: How Great Thou Art

After many years of spiritual wanderings, side-tracks, desperation, distress and confusion, I’ve been led to a wonderful, illuminating church here in North Idaho. I moved here only a few weeks ago, and was soon blessed with finding this amazing church. No doubt I’ll be posting more of the songs we’re singing at the church… because I love them and am trying to learn to sing them better. I am happy to report I’ve finally been saved by Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit and my heart has found the peace it was seeking all this time. This came to me at a time when I was seeking spiritual comfort and healing like never before.

So, keep praying… God is listening. He will send his angels and Holy Spirit to comfort you and your loved ones, to guide you, to help you with whatever needs you may have. Have faith, and know… He is God. He is here. He is loving you and wanting to help… just call on him and praise His Holy Name.

I have received quite a few requests for prayer recently. Know that I am praying for you… and your friends and loved ones, as requested.

If you have a need for prayer, you’re welcome to leave a message on one of the pages here. I read all comments before they are posted.

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