Prayer for bloggers

Prayer for Bloggers

As a long time blogger I need a little extra help to get it right. The Lord can help with every aspect of my life, from dawn to dusk, blogging included.

I want to write things that are valuable for people who take the time to read. Blogging is rarely just a chronicle of my life – it is an attempt to provide good information to people needing it.

I want to stay on target, fulfilling the needs of my readers, so I blog for them, not just to pontificate about myself and my life in public.

Prayer for Bloggers

O Lord, My Heavenly Father, please help me with my blogging today and every day.

Give me words and thoughts that will be meaningful and helpful to the people who read what I write.

Help me to get the words written easily.

Inspire me with wisdom and guide me in my research so that my blog postings are worth writing and posting to the web.

Give me creativity, insight, confidence, and brilliance.

Make me a prolific, steady writer, capable of earning an ever-increasing monetary income with blogging.

Show me the graphics and photographs that are available for my use, that will best illustrate my blog post topics. Help me increase my skill with images and aid me in getting them Pinterest-ready and readily pinnable.

Guide me to post what people need to learn about, and to use social media efficiently and effectively to let people know about my new articles.

Inspire me with perfect e-book ideas and the fortitude to write them and publish them, to supplement my blogging income.

Safeguard my blogs from crashes, hackers and spammers.

Bless my blogs with a steady stream of insightful, sincere comments. Help me find new online relationships and friendships through blogging.

Have mercy on me. I need your help, and am grateful for all the blessings you’ve showered on my life.

In the name of Jesus Christ, my precious Savior, Amen. Thank you Lord!

Prayer written by Linda Jo Martin for bloggers everywhere!
I like to say this prayer to start my blogging work day.

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4 thoughts on “Prayer for Bloggers

  1. Hi,

    I came across your sites while searching for “prayers for miracles”. Your sites are really lovely and wonderful with so many prayers and lovely pictures. I love your prayers so much that I copied most of them on my notebook for reciting at any place.
    I would like to radiate our Lord’s Love and Care for everyone living in this world through my soon-to-be-set-up blog.


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