Buying a House - Prayer

Prayer for Buying a House

Heavenly Father,

You see me, You know me, and you know my needs. You know everything about me, and I thank You, Father, for Your Grace despite my shortcomings.

Father, my housing situation is in need of change, and I ask You, Lord, to guide me to the right home, the home that will be best for all aspects of my life and the lives of my family and all others involved.

I trust You, Father. I know You love me and are watching out for me, caring for me, and providing for me.

Therefore I place my home seeking in Your hands, knowing You already have a place chosen for me, and one that will be the best possible situation for myself, my family, and all my loved ones.

Lord, I would like to buy a house, and I place that desire into Your Hands, asking for Your loving guidance in all matters. If You want me to buy a house, then make that possible. Clear the way and prepare the path for all things to happen in the time You deem best for them to happen.

Your loving-kindness has brought me this far, and I trust, Lord, that You will continue to provide all that I need.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for listening to my prayer, and for comforting me. When times are hard, you are always there for me, and I know you always will be. Your love makes my living worthwhile.

In Jesus’ Name, I lift up my soul and my prayer to Thee. Amen.

Linda Jo Martin, Book Lady

98 thoughts on “Prayer for Buying a House

  1. PLEASE pray with me, I want to be a home owner again I am asking for prayer that God will open the windows of Heaven and make a way for me to buy the home this season. I am asking for Gods help I don’t want to do it without him.

  2. Really need prayer. We are the back up contract on a home. We actually had it 1st, the buyer of our home backed out day before closing so we lost our contract on our new one. I got everything straightened out within 48 hours went back to seller they had another contract. We find out Wednesday if they will be closing with the other buyer or us. We have looked for 2 long years for a home to fit our family and budget. I instantly knew this home was meant for us and then everything fell apart. I do not want to wish bad anything for the other buyers but REALLY want/need this home for our family. Please stand in agreement with us that we will be closing on Wednesday.

  3. My prayers were answered. We are once again homeowners. I thank God every day for this blessing. I am praying for all, that they too are blessed.

  4. I am in the process of trying to buy a home I need prayer it seems that every time I think I’m about to close on the house something comes up and stops me from getting it. Now I’m at it again I need prayer that if it’s for me it will close smooth.

  5. God please bless my daughter and I with this home we recently looked at. I love the home and it will fit our small family very well. I have been renting for a few years now but would love to own a piece of land to secure our lives. Please God provides us with a speedy process without any stress. I have saved up please don’t allow any obsticles to hinder my finance during this process. Bless the home we picked out. Thank you God we pray you name.

  6. I want everybody to help me pray for our home that we want to purchase is a home that we want really really bad and I know that if God help us we will get it and will be very happy there I’ve never wanted something so bad in my life Thank You

  7. Is it possible to pray for a home without having the finances for the home? My prayer for a home answered, to me means that my home will be in heaven, since my Lord would not want me to get into dept. I would like a home, but if I pray for a home God Knows that I don’t want to be in dept, so it would have to be a great miracle. I trust that God would, but I also know that he can say no because he knows that I will not get into dept. I get my answer from Psalms 23: The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want, and also the Lords Prayer forgive us our dept as we forgive our debtors; I can see Gods’ character. I don’t want to do anything that I would have to ask forgiveness for.

    I would like to purchase a house cash if I had it, just like purchasing clothing, food, medicine, soaps, and if life was fair it would be so.

    God Knows why; It is like musical chair; There is one who is always left standing, and it does not feel right, but for the one standing, Jesus is right there besides him or her. I feel like I stand out as a minority, since I don’t have a home of my own, Jesus gives me shelter for free, but I would rather have my own secret home to do my work do especially cooking for my family.

    Because God has not given me my request I know that I am special to him, now,and I am only a visitor on a journey passing through.

  8. Lord, I’m humbly pray that our purchase for a home contract is accepted tomorrow. I humbly pray for this home so that my husband and I have a nice home to receive our children and grandchildren in. In Jesus name I pray and with humble thanks.

    1. I am praying for the same thing, I know it’s a debt but I rather have that than paying someone else’s debt. God bless to all

  9. Lord says ask and it will be given unto you. Lord I am asking you to help me with my search to find a place to call home and to qualify for a mortgage and a reasonable down payment by the end of October in jesus name I pray

  10. God please help me ,I want to buy a house for my children ,my children are not staying with me they are stayimg with my mother in law ,I want to stay with them Lord ,please hear my prayer ,I have debts to pay ,my life is not easy I am trying but its very hard ,please Lord give me hope that one day you will answer me ,all my friend and people I know are progressing , I dont have nothing I can even buy myself clothes because I have to pay all the unseccary debts I made ,but I know you Lord you are God of miracles

    Thank you Father for listening to my prayer

  11. I am praying for a home to call my own. My living situation is not the best. and also GOD blesses me with a wonderful new job so i buy a home as early as possible .
    In Jesus name, Amen

  12. Beautiful prayer and I am also asking for prayers to be approved for a condo for myself and my children. I am paying way too much in rent every month and am hoping for a miracle to get approved. My credit is not great due to being a single mom and living paycheck to paycheck, however, God provides and I’ve survived thus far so I am hopeful in receiving this gift. God Bless!!!

    1. great prayer and I will continue to pray for you Kellie that you may be approved for a home for you and your children and praying for everyone here to receive their home.

  13. Thank you for this prayer. I’ve been praying everyday for a beautiful house to live. What I pray is a home. I’ll be praying this prayer and send this to the Campaign of Israel. Thanks for the guidance . Thank you Lord Jesus

  14. Hi, I am praying for a home to call my own. My living situation is not the best. GOD has blessed me with a wonderful new job. I pray that GOD will bless me with a wonderful home also. I am praying for everyone to find their homes too.
    In Jesus name, Amen

  15. I am in agreement with those who are looking for a place to call home. That we find favor with all who are involved with the process and/or those who may come involved with the purchase. Thank you Lord for Grace and Mercy.

  16. We have found the home that we want. However, in my country, we have to go through a computer balloting system to get the flat. There are more than 600 people who submitted their names for 4 available units. The balloting will be done in about 6 weeks time. We are praying for God to bless us with the flat.

  17. Hello, please pray that my application and my family are the ones to be chosen for the house that will be made in honor of Pope Francis by Habitats for Humanity. There are 5 other families who are placing there applications and we feel this house is perfect for us but will need a lot of prayer and a lot of faith. Thank you

  18. I have made an offer on a house that my wife and I loved. The seller will be making a decision today as I understand that they have received multiple offers. We can only afford the list price and from the looks of things. They are expected to be offered more than asking. I am praying for a miracle. God is the only one that can help us. In the name of almighty Jesus I pray.

  19. I’m about to submit documents for pre approval and I pray God will give us the house we want. I have spent the past 5years paying off my debt and praise the Lord I have paid off all of them. I believe God will answer our prayers. amen

  20. I’ve prayed for a few months ,made couple offer on homes but nothing yet. Made an offer on a home hopefully this is the one God wants for us !

  21. I love love this prayer!!!.I prayed this prayer when I started turning in everything we need to see if we qualified for a loan on a home we found. 2 weeks later we are pre approved and are waiting for an inspection on the home and waiting for it to be appraised!! Thank you Father for bringing us this far, can’t wait for closing date to arrive!!!!

  22. I am praying to find the townhouse right for my family. I feel afraid that I may have made a mistake in not purchasing the one meant for me. Please God help us.

  23. Me and my husband just applied for a house today for our growing family. A great character home in town which is perfect for us. Please pray and keep our family in your thoughts ! And to all who are trying/in need of a place to call home we’re praying for you

    1. I’m still praying …where 2 or more are gathered he said that he is in the mist ..been waiting for my living arrangement to change for over a month I’m expecting a miracle today …stepping out on faith that a blessing will come from somewhere that someone will say I have a place you can rent and you can move in its ready today :..that’s the faith I’m having starting today…please pray for me and my family thanks in advance GOD BLESS

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