Buying a House - Prayer

Prayer for Buying a House

Heavenly Father,

You see me, You know me, and you know my needs. You know everything about me, and I thank You, Father, for Your Grace despite my shortcomings.

Father, my housing situation is in need of change, and I ask You, Lord, to guide me to the right home, the home that will be best for all aspects of my life and the lives of my family and all others involved.

I trust You, Father. I know You love me and are watching out for me, caring for me, and providing for me.

Therefore I place my home seeking in Your hands, knowing You already have a place chosen for me, and one that will be the best possible situation for myself, my family, and all my loved ones.

Lord, I would like to buy a house, and I place that desire into Your Hands, asking for Your loving guidance in all matters. If You want me to buy a house, then make that possible. Clear the way and prepare the path for all things to happen in the time You deem best for them to happen.

Your loving-kindness has brought me this far, and I trust, Lord, that You will continue to provide all that I need.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for listening to my prayer, and for comforting me. When times are hard, you are always there for me, and I know you always will be. Your love makes my living worthwhile.

In Jesus’ Name, I lift up my soul and my prayer to Thee. Amen.

Linda Jo Martin, Book Lady

75 thoughts on “Prayer for Buying a House

    1. I had never get a home on my own and this time i want to build a house but am not financial strong .But am sure with this type of prayer,it could help. me and my family to have a home .

  1. I have gone outside a house that we have looked at for a couple of months now and pray this prayer (with some slight changes) The house was originally for rent but now the owner wants to sell. It is perfect for our family, a house of my dreams, one I would be happy to live in till I’m old. Today I saw children playing in the street and riding their bikes ( you don’t see that often now in Australia). I am a woman of great faith and know that Jesus my savour will help my family through this prayer to make this our home soon. Thank you for this prayer it has given me a guide on how to pray for this beautiful and unloved home!

  2. My husband and I want to buy the house we are in now. We are both older and this will be the first home we buy. the seller wants us to have it.
    we pray to have favor with the mortgage company and that price will be in our favor.
    thank you for prayer you wrote. My husband and I will pray it.

    God bless you

  3. Thanks for beautiful prayer I am saying over and over. An older woman who know little about home buying, I bid on and signed a sales agreement for a home not realizing that it needs a new expensive roof and perhaps other expensive remodeling. I am heartsick and worried and pray that the sellers will be fair and good and let me renegotiate the overbidding when inspector goes through. Prayers will be appreciated. Thank you.

  4. Thank you this is perfect! Been needing some stability in my life for several years now. Thank God, He opened the doors for the perfect job and now I’m praying for a home.I Found the perfect home…God’s will be done!

  5. I have also read the prayer. want to buy a small house for my brother. Hope Jesus does some miracle and blesses me with a home to be gifted to my brother.

  6. “Give and it shall be given unto you.” “Ask, in my name, and it shall be given to you.”

    “God, I give you praise on behalf of all those families represented here desiring to be at home. The truth is that they want more than a house, they want home. I pray with and for them that what you have called them to, they will receive, in due season. Let your Word be fulfilled in their lives. Bring our wandering, homelessness to an end. Lift the drought on your pleasure to see us in the homes you created with us in mind. We give you thanks, in Jesus’ name we pray, amen.”

    1. Words can’t describe how I feel about your prayer. Your right on point my husband and I want more than a house we want our own home. Thank you

  7. Please dear god my husband and I have seen a. Home I think we can afford please help jus find a way to be Able to. Get this home I. Ask you to hear. My prayer amen

  8. I found this prayer when I needed it the most. Thank you for helping me. Me and my husband are on the middle of buying the house of our dreams! I pray every day and declare it to be our home in the name of the Lord. I pray that any unforseen obstacles be removed. I pray that we may enjoy this home as a blesssing from God. I pray that everyone that comes across this site be lifted and renewed in faith. I pray that everyone praying for their home receives it in Jesus’ name. I pray that this prayer may be a blessing to someone eles, just as the previous prayers were a blessing to me.
    Good night,

  9. Thanks for the prayers I am in so much need for a new homen my own Mansion and I believe God has answered my request join me in prayers too for God to speedily perform his miracles thanks and God bless

  10. Thank you very much for this timely prayer. We’ve been wanting to get our own home and have waited for two years to make it happen. May the good Lord hear and grant our heart’s desire this time. We also pray to remove all obstacles that may come along the way.

  11. HiiiiiiiiiiHHhHi.Pls pray for me and my family that we may get the place to rent at 2 Cottonwood Lane,Northwold,Gauteng,South Africa and that any obstacles in getting it may be taken away.It’s a dream simplex that I really want.

  12. Praise the Lord am beleivibg God for the. Right property in the right location by HIS GRACE. Also for the exchange not to have a chain. To also send the right people to forfill the transaction of sales. an to please expose any faults weather it is electrical or other wise. Also an affordable mortagage in the name of Jesus. I thank God for leading me to these prayers. I give God all the Glory. Anen

  13. I have been praying my own prayer to find the right home. Just made an offer on a perfect house and won’t know until tomorrow if the offer is accepted. Searched for a good prayer to say and found this one. Sharing in this prayer with others who are looking for God’s help in buying their home invokes the message from God “whenever two or more of you pray in my name”. God’s will be done. The outcome will be right no matter what it is – God will provide. Thank you Jesus. <3

  14. I too pray for a home to buy in Jesus’s name. I put my faith in God that our prayers will be answered and we can start out lives together , get married, and have a family. Amen

  15. Thanks for all the prayers I live in new orleans and I am looking for a nice house in a safe neighborhood for me and my family this prayer are exactly what I needed.

  16. Thank you so much for posting this prayer. I will start to pray it every day now until we find a new home. We really do not want to live in a condominium because we want to keep our 3 dogs who have been with us through thick and thin. Please, to every one who will read this post, please pray for me and my family. We really need all the help we can get. Amen!! Thank you and praise the Lord! God bless!

  17. Just prayed this pray and believing that GOD will grant the home I look at today. I pray that GOD will touch the heart of the seller and she will accept our offer.

  18. Thank you for this wonderful prayer. I found at the right or maybe The Lord led me to it. I choose the latter. I having started looking for my first home to purchase. I want a home of my own so badly. I know in my heart that Jesus Christ will help me find the right one. I have my eye on one. I pray that Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior will let the price be right for me to afford it and that the bank will approve my loan. I also pray for everyone who sent a comment to this site and everyone in the world who doesn’t have a home. I pray that they will find the homes of their dreams. Praise The Lord.

  19. Please include us in your prayer were also looking for our new house….. Our house Sold already, we need a new house in a month.

  20. Thank you. I have been searching and praying. I sometimes get a little discouraged, but my faith pulls me through. This prayer is exactly what I needed. God bless you all on your journey to finding and buying the perfect home for you and your loved ones. Peace and Blessings.

  21. Thank you for posting this prayer.My son is waiting for a morgage loan to be approved today. He has worked so hard to make this dream come true for his family. I have been through a recent kidney transplant and this home has an in law apartment for me. For my 28 yr old son to want to live near his mom is heartwarming. He is a wonderful help to me and his younger brothers, please pray for our family to all be healthy under this beautiful roof.

  22. I am praying that God answers all of our prayers bc I am too waiting on the answer that determines whether or not my family and I will be in our new home on Thursday. It has been a long road for us waiting to receive this home this year so I pray you guys have patience and faith along with peace in the end. As God is our guidance we must pray, even after we receive what we are praying for!

  23. Thank you so much for this prayer. We made an offer on a house and are waiting on the bank’s approval. I believe and trust in my Lord that has always supplied my needs at the right time. We badly need this house as we want to start a family and has been staying in a rented apartment for 2 years now. Please pray for the grace of God and the blessing of the Holy Spirit to fulfill our souls and grant us this gift of a home for me and my family.

  24. I have also come across this website while praying for a new home for my family. We are bidding on a house at the moment and I ask Jesus to bless us with this home if it is His will and to remove any obstacles in our way. We will be truly happy in this home and I pray with all the other people hear that we receive our hearts desire in the name of Jesus.

  25. My husband and I have been looking at a particular home for the past 6 years. Yes I said 6 years. It was priced way out of our budget 6 years ago but the seller has reduced the price again (6 times in 6 years). Now it is almost in our price range. We put a low offer on home as we feel the value of the home and the land that it is on is not reflected in their high asking price . They came back with an offer $24,000 off asking price. God gave me a asking price in a dream the other night . We put in our final offer today with the price God told us to offer. The seller has till noon tomorrow to respond. It is late tonight and no response yet . We have placed this in God’s hands and are praying that the sellers have favor on us . The house. And grounds have not been maintained . I want this home to be a home. It deserves more attention than the out of state owners can give it. We pray that God speaks to their heart as He has ours on this property. I pray that it is placed upon them that we are the right buyers and that their realtor will not be a stumbling block. I know God will show His self in this Deal where there will be no doubt that it is a blessing from Him….Amen

  26. We are praying to purchase a beautiful home that we desire to have in a great neighborhood and we pray that the seller negotiate with us and bring the price down and our mortgage process goes smoothly with a reasonable mortgage payment that we can afford. We love this home and we claim it in Jesus name, its ours. Amen

  27. Hi thank you for your prayer, we have submmitted our home application we daily praying for it to be approved and we believe that in the name of our LORD the application is approved. We trust in Lord our father to lead us and guide us in everything we need mostly, Amen

  28. Hi am james saldhana residing in Bombay (Mahim) Maharashtra.I have a desire from childhood ever since i was in my teenage to have a house and live peacefully with my Family but that did not work well in my case.And now am Married and we have a daughter so we are planning to have our own house but its not happening,so require your earnest Prayer to make our fruitful dream to be on reality.We shall be happy to have a Home of our Own.Thank you.Kindly pray for us Linda we shall be Glad.

  29. I want to thank you for your prayers for I am a young lady trying to purchase my first home in at 4545 Meadowhill Road I just know there is a way and I can only own something for once in my life I just want to thank you for I will pray this pray and wait on my father to make it happen for my family and I. Thanks

  30. Trust Jesus. He is our shepherd and He can guide you to the best dwelling place for yourself and your family. Place your whole trust in Him.

  31. We sold our house in March this year to purchase a new house. Since we were previous owners we thought everything will be fine to get a mortgage for the house we just had an offer on. Everything fell through with the mortgage with the same mortgage company we used for our first house. We were in total shock, the mortgage criteria had become stricter.

    We were so hurt if we knew this, we would have stayed where we were but we had exchanged so no turning back. So we moved into my parents for a month found somewhere to rent. This nearly put a strain on our marriage, the blame game. What my kids had before was no longer there and they we’re hurt too but the devil is a liar. What he planned did not come to past. In all thing we give God thanks.

    We are praying to God and preparing to go through the process again to apply for a mortgage and find a house in a suitable area for our family where we can grow spiritually and have a dwelling place. So our prayers is our credit reports will be favourable to the mortgage companies and that we will have God’s favour all the way from the application, to the accepting of the offer of the house to the exchange of the house that all will go smoothly.

    God you said we should put our trust in you. We should cast all our burdens on to you. God we ask for your favour that you are a true and living God what you did in the old is present in the future and we trust in you. Answer us on lord. Give us wisdom and forgive us our sins. Let us be testimonies to others that you are a living God in Jesus name. Bless everyone here looking for the same favour in Jesus name. amen

  32. I always wanted to buy a house for my children, I saw the house that I want and want to raise my children in it . I pray to god that the banks can approve my loan.

  33. Inspiring prayers…My husband and I are looking for the house of our dreams where to raise our kids and the ones will come. First-time buyers, I just pray for GOD to provide us with the wisdom to choose objectively according to our family needs and affordability. GOD provides and in Jesus name I pray to get the bank loan to afford it and to be able to get an appropriate and affordable mortgage. In Jesus’s name: AMEN and GOD bless you all on your prayers!

  34. I just did the prayer, and will come back with the response I know my God is a kind and good God everything is going to come out as He had planned and I thank Him. Glory to Him.

  35. Love Love Love this prayer.
    My family is in need of prayer for a miracle in buying a home. We currently have a house that we have been Blessed with for 7.5 yrs. However somethings have come to light & I feel for my husband & two sons & I that it is time to move on from this house. I know that the Lord works in mysterious ways & his ways are always right & his timing is perfect. We want to be Blessed with a house that we can call our own & let Jesus shine in our new house that he will Bless us with.
    I pray for everyone on here that they have been or will be Blessed with their hearts desire’s to either change their living conditions or to be new homeowners in the Name of Jesus I Pray, Amen

  36. My family and I are in a stressed situation we are unstable and without a place to live of our own I’m living in one spot and my husband living in another and our daughter is with me …we are looking at a home on 93 Park place …it is very nice and empty …there is no for sale sign or rent sign ..I would like you to pray and touch and agree that we have favor in this situation to be able to rent it ….thanks in advance and God bless

  37. I am a young single mother of 3 children whom has lived in poverty my whole life. I want to change that. I pray to the Lord to bring to my path a suitable home for me and my family in a good neighborhood. In the name of Jesus. Amen! Please pray for me and my family, as i will do the same. God bless!

  38. We have made an offer on a house and it was accepted but when finally appraised it was valued less than asking price and the bank has asked that we renegotiate with the sellers as our mortgage is a HUD one and the house needs to be move-in ready. The appraiser has stated it isn’t and needs a new kitchen but the sellers are hesitant to comply and therefore our bank might squash the deal. We love this house! It is our home! We need prayers in abundance so please pray for us. I pray that all the unforeseens are taken care of to clear the path to us owning this home. In Jesus’ name I claim this…

  39. The power of prayer when in groups is so amazing and reading all the stories gave me hope. I saw a home that I could make my dream home but with all my debts and as single parent, I am only hoping for a miracle that the sellers may offer an option to lease with ownership to come later, and for a favorable lease amount because this new house is the ideal and perfect home for me and the kids – I pray everyone that comes to this page and is in need of help that they get favorable outcomes – we all deserve a safe and beautiful place to call home! God Bless! And thank you for this prayer!

  40. Love this Prayer. My husband and I are wanting to buy a house we saw Sunday after we were out of church. We spoke with the owner and it is perfect for us. We ask for all the prayer we can receive in getting this home. I have a lot faith in our Heavenly Father and if this the right place for my family and I to call our own, I know he will help us. Thank You for this Prayer you have provided for all that are looking to buy a house.

  41. Please Lord Jesus, help us to buy a home to provide stability and happiness for our family. We have made mistakes in the past but with your guidance and strength we have worked hard at moving beyond them. I pray that You place Your Blessings on a home we are currently viewing and want to purchase. Please lay your hands on every professional, the sellers and ourselves from the approval process to closing! I have faith and trust in you to bless us and provide for our every need. In Jesus Name Amen!

  42. i thank u,for this programme my husband and i and the kids we are looking for a home we can call a home and we putting lord jehovah first

  43. I thank you for this prayer ,we are a young married couple we want to buy a house but our financies are not good, we are trying and work hard to pay our debts,please pray for us ,thank you so much

  44. Me and my husband just applied for a house today for our growing family. A great character home in town which is perfect for us. Please pray and keep our family in your thoughts ! And to all who are trying/in need of a place to call home we’re praying for you

    1. I’m still praying …where 2 or more are gathered he said that he is in the mist ..been waiting for my living arrangement to change for over a month I’m expecting a miracle today …stepping out on faith that a blessing will come from somewhere that someone will say I have a place you can rent and you can move in its ready today :..that’s the faith I’m having starting today…please pray for me and my family thanks in advance GOD BLESS

  45. I am praying to find the townhouse right for my family. I feel afraid that I may have made a mistake in not purchasing the one meant for me. Please God help us.

  46. I love love this prayer!!!.I prayed this prayer when I started turning in everything we need to see if we qualified for a loan on a home we found. 2 weeks later we are pre approved and are waiting for an inspection on the home and waiting for it to be appraised!! Thank you Father for bringing us this far, can’t wait for closing date to arrive!!!!

  47. I’ve prayed for a few months ,made couple offer on homes but nothing yet. Made an offer on a home hopefully this is the one God wants for us !

  48. I’m about to submit documents for pre approval and I pray God will give us the house we want. I have spent the past 5years paying off my debt and praise the Lord I have paid off all of them. I believe God will answer our prayers. amen

  49. I have made an offer on a house that my wife and I loved. The seller will be making a decision today as I understand that they have received multiple offers. We can only afford the list price and from the looks of things. They are expected to be offered more than asking. I am praying for a miracle. God is the only one that can help us. In the name of almighty Jesus I pray.

  50. Hello, please pray that my application and my family are the ones to be chosen for the house that will be made in honor of Pope Francis by Habitats for Humanity. There are 5 other families who are placing there applications and we feel this house is perfect for us but will need a lot of prayer and a lot of faith. Thank you

  51. We have found the home that we want. However, in my country, we have to go through a computer balloting system to get the flat. There are more than 600 people who submitted their names for 4 available units. The balloting will be done in about 6 weeks time. We are praying for God to bless us with the flat.

  52. I am in agreement with those who are looking for a place to call home. That we find favor with all who are involved with the process and/or those who may come involved with the purchase. Thank you Lord for Grace and Mercy.

  53. Hi, I am praying for a home to call my own. My living situation is not the best. GOD has blessed me with a wonderful new job. I pray that GOD will bless me with a wonderful home also. I am praying for everyone to find their homes too.
    In Jesus name, Amen

  54. Thank you for this prayer. I’ve been praying everyday for a beautiful house to live. What I pray is a home. I’ll be praying this prayer and send this to the Campaign of Israel. Thanks for the guidance . Thank you Lord Jesus

  55. Beautiful prayer and I am also asking for prayers to be approved for a condo for myself and my children. I am paying way too much in rent every month and am hoping for a miracle to get approved. My credit is not great due to being a single mom and living paycheck to paycheck, however, God provides and I’ve survived thus far so I am hopeful in receiving this gift. God Bless!!!

    1. great prayer and I will continue to pray for you Kellie that you may be approved for a home for you and your children and praying for everyone here to receive their home.

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