Broken Families Due to Child Protective Services

Prayer for Families Divided by Child Welfare Agents

Dear Father God,

I come before you today asking for your blessing on the families divided by child welfare authorities. May errors in judgement be righted and each situation brought into alignment with Your will for all involved. May these families be reunited as quickly as possible, O kind, ever-compassionate Lord. Make those families strong, viable, healthy, and godly. Place Your righteousness in their hearts and guide them to prosperity and joy.

Lord, you see the foster children who cry for their mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, and friends, who miss their homes and pets and toys, and who feel alone or frightened. Lord, please comfort them with your Holy Spirit, surround them with your love and help them each and every day to grow closer to you and to trust you more and more. Whenever possible, Lord, let those children be allowed to return to the side of the parents You gave them.

Keep them safe in every situation, Lord. Where the children are being abused, let them be saved and transferred to a healthier, happier environment. Whenever possible and whenever it is the best option, let the children be placed in kinship care rather than in foster care. Give them happy and stable home lives, and protect them from being transferred through many foster homes. You alone can see all these children and You alone know their circumstances and suffering and opportunities. I ask You, Lord, to set Your hand into their lives and the lives of all those in contact with them, so that they will have the best hope for a blessed future.

Strong families build a strong nation.
Strong families build a strong nation.
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Lord, I ask that you comfort grieving parents and help them to adjust. Strengthen them to improve any aspects of their lives that need improvement and give them stability, wisdom, increased love, and prosperity. Guide them to whatever information may help them regain custody of their children. Bless them with the advantage of the best legal counsel available. Strengthen, inspire, and motivate those lawyers to really help the families they represent in juvenile courtrooms. Help the parents to be a blessing and comfort for their children. Give them that opportunity.

Lord, You know all these people and every situation. You know who is involved and how to resolve the problems these people face. I ask that You mercifully comfort and empower them to be the parents You would like them to be. Reunite their families whenever possible. Bless all those involved, and bind up their broken hearts. Let them know You and love You and be saved.

Heavenly Father, I ask also that you place Your hand into the lives, hearts and minds of all the social workers, judges, lawyers, and foster parents, and anyone else involved with each family’s child welfare case. I ask that you correct misperceptions, reverse unfair judgements, and give each person involved a conscience so that they will feel impelled to do only what’s best for each family according to Your divine will and purpose. Thank you, Lord, for guiding each of these people, and let them be led to repentance and salvation and devotion to Your son Jesus Christ.

May all the people involved be strengthened to do what is right, to bow before Your sovereignty, to recognize Your love, to appeal for Your help, and may they be sanctified to serve Your divine purpose.

God, kind loving Father, forgive me my sins of both omission and commission, those I know about and those I may not even be aware of. I place these sins and my many issues at the feet of Your Son, Jesus Christ, knowing You are fully able to correct my mistakes.

Lead all the falsely accused afflicted parties onto the right path, and give peace to our souls through Your eternal and ever-present grace. And I ask, Father, that You do that now. Lord, have mercy on us all and let there be many souls saved through my present and ongoing efforts to be an authentic and devoted Christian.

Lord, finally I ask you to make changes in the child protective services laws so that families will be preserved and injustices will no longer take place. Lord, I know there are children who will benefit from foster homes because their parents really are not able to raise them, but please, in all cases where the parents can take care of them, and where the parents love and want to protect their own children, let them be reunited through the power of Your presence and might.

Thank you Lord, in Jesus’ name. Amen

Prayer written by Linda Jo Martin, owner of the FightCPS website.

“Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”

– 1 Peter 5:6-7 NIV

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95 thoughts on “Prayer for Families Divided by Child Welfare Agents

  1. please pray for my family we are trying to get my brothers children back cps took them did not follow the rules on how this should be done and are not out for the children they are prideful law breakers God forgive me for speaking my mind and the supervisor made this case personal because I had spoke my mind exercised my rights and my family rights to our bloodline. they know what they are doing and how they went about it was wrong they are well aware of the suffering of these innocent children but they do not care…the supervisor thinks this is funny as she smirks at every court hearing and calls the shots and makes her own laws up I was not allowed any visits when I asked to see the court order I was ignored then I asked why I was not allowed visits to my flesh and blood because she said so that’s why. i’m an adult can handle the pain but these children suffer and have no understanding of why breaks my heart we put a new plan into effect by the Grace of God we will have the children if it be his will…thank you JESUS FOR YOUR PRECIOUS BLOOD! and thank everyone of you for your prayers may God Bless you all and also Bless our enemies…
    a broken family !

  2. We arose from a broken family, and this was used against us! My dghtr got involved with an abusive person, who wreaked havoc on her, and grandchildren. I kept intervening to keep him away, to protect her and my grandchildren, but he kept on, until me and my other dghtr decided, on what we thought was getting help, reached out to CPS, and everythg went dark from there! This was the worse thing we ever could’ve did! Now i have 3 grandkids that been adopted out, and their coming after the fourth, which is the baby! They took my first grandson, who has downesyndrome, and my 2 grandaughters. Their ages are 6,4,1 1/2, and 7mths. They used my 16yr old past against me, when i smoked some weed. They also told me i didnt make enuf money to care for them, and that i didnt have a car! We cant afford a lawyer now. Bcus the first lawyer ran off with down payment! Now we dont know what to do! We still have visits with the baby, but we look straight in their eyes, everytime we visit, and we know they’re still working to take our whole generation!! They have my 2 grandson’s, and my 2 granddaughtr’s! Jamari, Peyton, Paige, and King! My first grandson, and my last grandson! And they also have my last granddaughter! They would not let me “preserve” my family! Every move they made, was a charade! They were almost never honest, and told many lie’s, to make me look worse than i did! I would never abandon, or not love my grandkids, my family! They biggest lie they told, was that, we abandoned our family! That never happened!!! I love my grandkids! And will never, stop loving them, period! This my family, and they belong to us!! She never abandoned her kid’s! I shed tears everyday and night. I will always be waiting for them to come home! Always! Until they come home, i will never b ok, and im not goin to have a normal life!! No, not ever!! I love my family! And I know Jamari, still knows it!! I will never stop expecting them to come home! Could u pray for us ? I miss my family! I need them so badly, to fill this total family incompleteness! They’re taken away their origin! This is not fair to our family generations!! I love you Jamari, Peyton, Paige, and King!! I have never left you, and will always be waiting for you! I love you, Granndfamily!

    1. My oldest daughter is residing with my father she has been with him since she was 8 months old she doesn’t know me as her mother my other 3 kids my rights were terminated in court. My children had a hold on them at the time of birth I just need an attorney that is willing to take the case

  3. We would welcome any prayers for our family surviving a punitive CPS investigation instigated by the local hospital here. A day after the birth of our daughter, my husband was hospitalized for pancreatitis due to gallstones (he’s a teetotler, it was just unfortunate). After 10 days he made it, but I had not taken our youngest newborn in for her well checkup. All my elder children go to their well checkups, although we are not much loved by our pediatricians given that we don’t vaccinate. At any rate, when my daughter was 2 months old, she started having these episodes where she would choke while lifting her arms out, and thereafter cry. My sister is a pediatrician, and she was worried that perhaps she was having infantile spasms – a seizure disorder; she convinced me that with such spasms my child could be mentally retarded and to go to the ER right away. Well, we went in the first time – and they wanted to do a CT scan instead of admitting her for an eeg. We left AMA because that’s a lot of radiation. We were hoping her episodes would just go away but the following day, she had 3 5 minutes apart, and we panicked and called the ambulance. In the ambulance she passed 3 large farts, apparently. We got to the hospital and they wanted to do an IV; this is also not required to check for epilepsy, but since my sister said her seizures could be from an infection, I allowed this to happen – even though they badly bruised her and screwed up the IV. They were about to redo it, complaining about how my breastfeeding was getting in the way; ultimately they dropped it. They then transferred her to inpatient care, where a lot of needless monitoring was done for the first day. Finally, they started an EEG after ruling out everything else.

    That was when our problems began. The neurologist they had is a Dr. that is only rated 1 star – mostly for overprescribing drugs. “This guy will put your child on medications faster than you can blink” another reviewer had said online. However, he didn’t seem keen on that at first, and just did the EEG. Nothing showed up the first 24 hours, but she didn’t really have her spasming either. Then she did choke after breastfeeding but this was slightly off camera (just one of her episodes) – but…there were many other similar episodes that were caught on camera. Well, after the first 24 hours, he asks what the other doctor thinks, and we inform him she says extreme gastric reflux, and he seems to agree, says he doesn’t think she’s having seizures, but if she were it would be no big deal as they wouldn’t damage her brain. At this point he tries to pull up the data to review it, but knocks out the camera feed; also he says he can’t load the recording in hospital, he has to do it at home. Three times he tried to load the data and was unable to do it in hospital. At the end my husband takes off of work; the doctor is supposed to review the data with us at 4pm, but ultimately walks in at 5 saying he reviewed it all by himself (dubious). He says none of the episodes I pushed the camera button for were seizures, but he “thought” he saw 1 second myclonic seizures elsewhere at night. He is 80% sure. Then he admits he’s not really sure, and that we should get a second opinion, but we can’t stay at the hospital and get an MRI – the next requested thing – unless we go on phenobarbital, a barbiturate RIGHT then. We never heard of this drug, but he assures us there are no side effects. We don’t particularly trust the doctor at this point, or the sister hospital the hospital is referring us to, and say we’ll just take her to a different, out of state hospital that we know to be of good repute. This is when everything starts going horribly.

    They inform us that we will have to go AMA if we want to go to that hospital. And they say if we go AMA, we might not get the 2nd opinion covered by insurance. My husband and I discuss things, and we decide to go AMA anyway because we know of a Dr. from Harvard with 40 years of experience and want to go with him. We sign out AMA indicating our concern over the barbiturates and inability to get a referral to our desired hospital.

    The next day we go to our family pediatrician. He looks over the baby and says she looks excellent, and to just forget about the whole thing. But not to quote him on that. We get a referral, but part of this is asking for the data from the hospital. They drag their feet producing the data.

    The following week CPS calls while I am out with the kids at the dentist. Apparently they stopped by twice the previous day. We arrange to meet the following day, at which point I am instructed that the hospital is alleging that I destroyed seizure data in addition to refusing necessary medication for my child. I did let them into our house, which is usually extremely clean; I did admit I turned off the monitor (but not underlying computer), so I could sleep. Turning off the monitor in no way impacts recording; I was tired and wanted to sleep and there were lights in my eyes. I assumed this was the misunderstanding.

    Then I requested medical records from the hospital, because I allowed CPS to have all medical records thinking I had nothing to hide. The hospital gave me 277 pages of records for our 2 day stay, filled with conflicting accounts. It looked like it had been professionally written up top by a lawyer. They claimed they were arranging transport for us to our preferred hospital, but we didn’t want to wait, and that it would have required our going by ambulance which would have been the hold up. But later down in the very same document they admit this wasn’t an option at all, and that that is why we left AMA. Also up top they start off the document by indicating that I refused stop smoking medications being a former smoker – when this is not true. They also extensively detailed how I refused Zantac. Actually, we were prescribed Previcid being told that Zantac had alcohol in it. I read an article saying that proton pump inhibitors can dangerously reduce stomach acid causing malabsorption and sometimes can go to other parts of the body and inhibit pumps there, so I refused. They documented this refusal but left out that they also said that I could simply wait for her sphincter to come in instead (which is what I choose to do).

    Anyway, CPS indicates that the case might close based upon the outcome of the 2nd opinion a month later. We make the lengthy trip to the other Dr. All 3 residents and the other doctor review the case and determine that the other hospital was out of line. That there was no reason for her to go on barbiturates at all. That she doesn’t have seizures, only gastric reflux. That we were right to refuse the CT scan. And that the doctor “would have done the exact same thing” in my position – right down to refusing Previcid as that would only treat the stomach acid and not the reflux that was choking her out. She actually had an episode in his office and he cleared it right there. And also they looked at the EEG – which had no discernable missing data – and didn’t see any seizure activity in there. They recommended no further testing. Honestly they had the attitude that this was the biggest bull they’d ever seen and went so far as to say “we hope you can trust doctors after this, though we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t.”

    Been living in fear ever since. The case is supposed to close Thursday, but they came by Friday. My biggest fear at the moment is they asked for both my and my husband’s social security number. They indicated the case would be “staffed” and/or probably be found unfounded by Thursday, but…I am still terrified as to why they needed our social security numbers. They indicated they were just then putting in for records from the other hospital – which scares me as it seems rather late – and I’m not sure why they would have already determined to close it without this 2nd opinion upon which everything was supposedly relying. Also I asked why they needed my husband’s SS # and it was only at this point that I discovered that he was also been somehow implicated as a suspected perpetrator.

    Our neighbors, lawyers, were outraged on our behalf and suggested we write a letter to the director of the hospital so that this didn’t happen to others. Well, the Vice President of the Children’s Ward had already earlier spoken to me, and it I felt there was some kind of unspoken agreement that they could back off (CPS gets lots of referrals from them, I get the feeling they have influence) – if I didn’t sue. I didn’t sue, and I made it clear I was not going to despite being wronged, but that they had an ethical responsibility to look into their doctor – because we found out phenobarbital leads to permanent IQ drops and even mental retardation in children. Weaning from it can cause seizures and life long drug addiction. My primary reason in not suing the hospital is because I think they would bury me with lawyers, but also, because this is the only hospital people here have, and even if they canned the Dr. – probably the next one would be just as bad as good doctors probably wouldn’t want to live here.

    Anyway, I got a letter from the good doctor at the other hospital. He even called CPS on my behalf. His letter is about 2 pages trying to clear us. He also said he’d drive down and testify in court if necessary.

    Do I have anything to worry about here? Is there any good reason they could want our SS numbers at this point? They also wanted my sister to call in and leave a character reference. She’s almost autistic or something and just left a message to call her back; I got upset and she called back and left a lengthier message but I can see how it would now look sketchy that she didn’t say great things off the bat (or, just left a number). I am also having my best friends who know me better call in.

    Should I be gearing up for terrible things to happen Thursday? Is this really going to close?

    Any prayers would be much appreciated. I have a lot of anxiety over this because of reading other people’s horror stories.

    Thanks and God bless.

  4. Asking for prayers for me and my two boys I adopted through CPS….I am in a legal battle against a school district and now being retaliated on by false accusations of abusing them. I have complied with drug test, interviews and even medical exams but have not heard back from anyone. I know God is in control and fighting this battle for us both CPS and he school district. But asking for more patters as this is keeping us in pins and needles. Yet we still are moving forward with our federal case against the district for abusing my son through restraints.
    Thank you so much for having an avenue for those fighting the system!

    1. I’m sorry I don’t mean to be blunt but right now there is a foster who is trying to adopt my kids I haven’t done anything for my kids to be in foster care cps is trying to say I used drugs but I have not I have been clean for a long time so you can see why I’m sceptical but you are a child of god and I love you anyway I ask god to forgive both of us for anything we might have done wrong whether it’s pertaining to the kids or not I ask that he judge us fairly and do not let cps do anything crooked I ask for forgiveness for both of us me and you his will be done not ours in the precious name of Jesus Amen

  5. I would like prayer for my 6 grandchildren, ages 1 – 15, who have been in foster care in Tennessee since April 10. The youngest was still nursing. They were taken from my son and his wife due to false accusations from my son’s ex-wife. They remain in foster care even though there has not been any evidence of abuse or neglect. They were taken from a good, loving, caring home. Please pray that they are returned home quickly.

    1. The situation is still the same, except the eldest has turned 16. My daughter-in-law has Supervised Visitation twice/week. Is anyone out there praying?

    2. I pray for you my two children are currently in foster care cps is trying to say I used drugs but I have not I know god is going to fix this but I am so scared they are talking about terminating my rights I have never done anything wrong to my children or around them I have been clean a long time please pray god get me out if this

  6. My grandson has been placed in 2-2-3 custody. My daughter is going through a battle that the other side grandparents feel they should raise a grandson my daughter conceived. This is my daughter’s second child. Great mother and loves her children. Judge and attorney belittled my daughter like she was nothing. God had mercy on me. Their were only 2 people that conceived this child. They should make the choices not grandparents. I want my children to be adults on the other hand the grandparents want to throw money around and divide family. I need prayers to reunite my grandson with his mother. The father lives with his parents so he doesn’t have to do anything for his son. I raised my daughter to achieve her own and take care of home. Please bring my grandson home. They even own a church and instead of talking this out they went to court system. Please help.

  7. I need as many prayers as I can get. CPS has taken my children from me. I have been a full time mother to them their whole lives. I have fought battle after battle with my exes, who were and are always trying to prove me unfit. The Lord was always at my side fighting with me. And I always won my cases. And now my ex filed a false report and CPS is digging up any dirt they can on me. My life has always been a struggle and battle. Since childhood, Ive felt the evilness and presence of the Devil and demons. My mother said that she even remembers meas a child writing letters to God for safety.
    These past few years, Ive struggled the most w depression and anxiety. I fell into dispair and on 2 occasions tried taking my own life hoping to get rid of the burden of pain. CPS now has records of me having to be hospiyalized, which was only a day or a week. bc I wasnt fready and didnt follow up w outpatient care, they have deemed me mentally unstable and unable to care for my children, at which I have 4. They currenly are residing w their dads and I am walking around lost, dumb founded by the courts, and I cant be around children bc the lose is too much. I pray and Ive realized that i have drifted from the ways of our Lord God,and instead of relying on Him, Ive relied on myself in which I only fell into my depression and pity deeper. I cry myself to sleep praying to God, asking his forgiveness bc of my stray. The only way I know for me to fight this and all evil is through Christ our Lord. He gives me the strength to keep going and to fight for my kids everyday. So, bc Im Not always strong enough, PLEASE PRAY for me and my children who are suffering and want to come home. Protect us and guide us. Reunite us together as we once were. Give us back our hope and happiness. Pray for my attorney and the judge, to soft her heart. Pray that they Devil stays away from us bc he isnt wanted here. Pray for CPS so that they know that im trying and doing as they ask; soften their hearts and mind to my selfish mistakes. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for us!!! In God’s name, I pray.

    1. I pray that the Lord will strengthen you as he will fight your battles for you. May your mental stability be fixated on the word of God. May his presence be made known to you as you come forth within the justice system. May your past and childhood adversaries enable you to have a stronger defense allow this to be your foundation to rekindle your faith. Let not one of your prayers go unanswered. Let no harm near your household. May the love of heaven and all the not of each and every angel take charge and refuge to grant you inner peace. May custody of your children be granted back unto your arms. Let there be mercy love and care flow from the rock aboce. Stans firm in victory. I pray you have your family.

  8. I honestly learned alots my son who is 1 years old and he in the system and he is confruse everyday he lives with this “foster parents” and they have two kids their own. My son need to be home with my family not with this people. My son, I WILL ALWAYS BE UR BIRTH MOTHER!!! I only got three month left and I need a prayer for the system to let my family to take care of him not the foster parents please!! Honestly, God if u hear me.. u are the only person can feel the pain I go thru.. i promise u this.. if u let the system have my son with my family I will go to school and get a job and visits my son as much as I can i fight to be better mom and to show them I can do it and protect him please God give me one chance!!!
    I miss you son: 51215

    1. my grandbaby who I have had since birth was removed from me because of my past of thirty years ago but have my other grand babies and my sister in law is on meth and she did a pee test but used someone elses pee to past and when me and my daughter was tested they watched us a cps office but not her


    Please read my campaign it will tell my story of how cps victimized my family…

    I ask for prayers that when I go to court dec,20,2017 that my babys gracelynne Christopher and braidynne silvers are able to come home with me there mommy an their daddy randy, I ask you to pray the good lord gives us strength and keeps the kids protect them from all harm through this time while they are not in my care


    1. In the name of the Father the Son and the Holly spirit. Please Lord help this family.plesse be with these kids keep them safe and please Lord bring them home

    2. On October 22, 2015 , My 3 Children Were Takin By Cps , I Was A Mess , I Couldnt Sleep For Days I Cryed, Cryed & Cryed , All I Could Think About Was There Feelings, What Was Going Thru There Heads , How Hurt Lost And The Sadness They Were Going Thru , Wondering If They Stopped Crying For Me , And How Bad There Hearts Were Shattering , They Were 2,1 & Newborn (He Wasnt Allowed To Be Released To Me) NOT ONCE HAVE I EVER BEEN APART FROM THEM (IM NOT KIDDING , NOT 1) Imagine The Heartache , My Heart Aches Now Just Thinking About How Selfish, Cruel & Heartless I Was , The one Thing That Brought Me Most Joy BEING A MOTHER (Failing At)

      I Gave Birth To My Son On Oct 14 2015 With Drugs In My System , I Started To Use To Bury And Cope With Feeling Of Losing My (2 Boys) My Exhusband Had Cut Off All Communication Between Me & Them , He Blames Me For Everything, Bc I Left Him (He Had A Severe Drinking Problem & Nearly Died All His Organs Stopped Functioning , He Was on Life Support For 2 Months ) The Doctors Said He Was Going To Be A VEgetable Rest HIs LIfe,That He WOuld Never Walk , Talk Again) But God Was Watching Over Him And Wasnt His Time, He Made A Full And Complete Recovery …After Almost A year In THerapy , He Had To Learn How To Walk And Everything Over Again….But Im Happy He Pulled Thru I LOve HIm With All My Heart (he was my soulmate, Kills me that he chose achocol over us (his family)

      I Dont At All Blame Them , I Truly Thank Them , They Deserved Better Then What I Had To Give Them & The Enviroment I Was Living In Wasnt At All One Kids SHould Be Living In ….But I Had No Where Else To Go, So MAny People Have There Parents To Fall Back On, There Support …I So Bad Wish I Had Because I Honestly Wouldnt Have Went Through Any Of This , My Dad Passed Unexpeditly In June 2011 RIP DADDY & Wish I Had His Love & Support Everyday

      CPS Is There To Protect Children , & There Is So Much Abuse, And So Many Horrific Stories On The News Nowdays About Parents Hurting Innocent Children, They Care ABout The Safety & Wellbeing Of Children…There Doing There Job…

      They Dont Want To Keep Your Children From You There Plan Is Always Reunification With Parents
      *Folow You Care Plan
      *Attend There Doctors & Dentist Appts
      *Show Up To All Visits
      *Complete Drug & ALchocol & If Needed Complete Program
      *Parenting Classes
      *Provide Them With Your Living Expenses *Rent*Utilities Reciepts) (Monthly)


  11. I am so glad this site was made.I am deeply hurt and missing my 13 yr old daughter. I cry every day and night and the only thing thst keeps me going is the Lord.I pray to him every night to help my daughter be returned home.My case is a no fault case. CPS tricked me into thinking residential care could only be received from them by taking my childs rights.Lord I know you are watching us when we hurt.Comfort us Lord during these hard and cold moments.Please Lord help her and let her feel your presence.Lord I know you have control over everything and I put my trust in you.Please help me find a good lawyer. A lawyer that will fight with all their heart for my daughter.May you do the same for all the other peopl suffering withCPS problems.Amen

  12. I need prayer, I have 2 kids in the system a 4 year old and a year and a half year old, they finally were about to get returned home after being taken for a year and a half & all of that came crashing down this corrupted system is trying to redirect my children’s life, instead of allowing them home where they belong. Some one keeps calling and opening false cases on me, I need prayer that my children get sent home back to me as they belong and that they stay protected… Mind you the kids are in separate placement when they should be together through out this all but not to mention the foster of my daughter is obsessive and trying to keep her. Please I ask for prayers, that my kids come home again and soon. I pray that the judge have mercy on my children and myself and allow them to get returned home, how do they give me them for 6 overnights and then rip them out of my hands again. Pray people, Jasper & Divinity Mommy Loves You !

    1. Lord jesus please watch over her…please let her beautiful children go home…please lord…..Amen.

      Girl im dealing with the same thing …1yr 4mons 3 daughters mixed beautiful babies put my two little ones in a middle class neighborhood and my 11yr old is seperated and traumatized and wanting to commit suicide ..telln her to keep faith…but we cant tell them anything about coming home …they get nothing…no hope…my 5 and 6 year old cry till this day and they pry them off of us every visit. …SOMETHING NEEDS TO HAPPEN IN MY CASE TRIAL IS NOV 15TH….PRAY FOR MY FAMILY BBG…..#MOTHERLY❤LOVE

      1. I read your story on the other site, it was heartbreaking. I hope that you have gotten your babies back. I am feeling your pain as my baby grandsons were recently kidnapped by corrupt CPS. I pray that you have your children now, and that God with heal you all.

    2. I ask God to reunite your babies back to you..going thrust the same thing. Took them July 2016. We got the 13 or old back 3 weeks ago..going to court on July 13. to see about the 4 year old..fosterpatents want him. Plz God if you returned one will you return his brother?? The 4 year old lawyers. Says he said he wanted to stay where he is.He just turned 4 he didn’t know what that lady is talking about….Lord help us..their your children..glory be to God…

  13. First I would like to say thank you, to all whom have created, contributed and maintained this particular site.

    I wish I had found this 13 months, 3 weeks, 1 day prior… however, our GOD has his reasons for the way things occur.

    I am 14 months into what I belief is the worst pain anyone could endure. After an allegation of abuse made by my now 17 year old oldest daughter. And the most bizarre events. I am at the point of I have not spoken with her or her 14 year old brother one time, or even been allowed to send them gifts, only told they had no interest in contact with me and even my son was scared of me. I knew this was an impossible statement. I have accepted how I am viewed and the target of some pretty serious hate crimes, and I continue to deal with that in my own way. But I have a 3rd daughter who is 6 now, by a different relationship, that was extremely close to me, and never her “half” brother and sister, but despite many many failed attempts of outside influences trying to convince the older two this was their half sister, and not to get close.. the three had the most beautiful creative dynamic.. and after what I suffered as I child.. I was so so proud of that. I have my 6 year old back with me today since mid January of 2016. I am at the point of the works done by DSS with no court order whatsoever, shredding of civil, human and childrens rights. harrasment.. which eventually the case was closed after 6 months with still no rhyme or reason per say. I was notified via letter that it was closed, but also stated I did not co-operte with their “recomendations”, and basically the “neglected” child and sibling (whom did not witness the alleged “abuse” at that time) where in the care of their biological father, and it was up to him about any future contact. The youngest was mentioned to be residing with her biological father and step-mother. My youngest had been with me, literally up until the day befoe the alleged abuse/neglect. And was not present in our home at the time. I now am dealing what I feel is sheer evil intentions by now 2 convicted duis (one per care taker) along with other serious charges, and who are hellbent on not only keeping this very preventable hurt concerning the 6 year old. And I am only keeping it “together” for her sake. Now learning the case was in fact closed after 30 days. And I have the story after much prayer being revealed. I can’t wrap my head around this, out of any sort of resource or help. And keep it “together” when I have my baby with me. As every other moment it is a sad and ugly picture. I don’t know where to go from here. Today, was the point where I am only concerned with getting the siblings reunited.. and I am doing my absolute best to keep existing until my body finally gives out, or I have no home which could be as soon as November. I know my youngest is being pulled and picked at emotionally and goodness knows what they tell her about her mother.. I have tried any and everything possible to things on everyone elses’ terms.. so long, as at least she isn’t left with the “story, and picture” of her unstable basketcase mother.. and essentially convinced I was a hopeless case and forced their hands to ultimately have her with them all the time.. and phase me out completely.. I am made aware of this day in/ day out, in what I believe to be the most cruel where they are now using our daughter as a catalyst to be the messenger if you will of just manipulative unspeakable acts. I do not know where to turn. They now each have criminal charges, along with the “step-mom” in court for 3rd DUI, and four other serious traffic and criminal soon to be convictions. Yet, no one as once taken notice or even heard me on the fact these children need to be “rescued” and reunited. I only have energy now for living on prayer alone, and I have no “support” or interactions with other adults. The only I do know, is they are not planning on haulting or remedying the situation whatsoever. Thank you for your prayers in advance.

  14. I am a christian grandma. My 3 grandchildren were taken from my daughter because her & boyfriend using crystal Meth. Serenity 7, Jayda 5, & Christian 18 mths. They were placed with me for a yr. & then CPS took from me and put in fostercare. The girls are 5, 7 & baby boy 18 mths. CPS gave me a different reason everytime I spoke to them. They said I violated by letting my daughter come by the morning she was to check in to Rehab. They were asleep & she kissed them by & left her car & papers with me. Then they said I was positive for methadone, which I had a prescription & my husband had pot & alcohol which they knew a yr. ago when they 1st placed the children with us. They let me & my husband see the kids 1 time for 1 hr. since they have been gone. I told the kids they would be gone only a few days because that’s what I wanted to believe. The oldest Serenity 7 had tears running down her face, I think she knew she was not coming back anytime soon. I have cared for & raised them since they were born. They were taken from their mom, then their grandma. They have to be sad & hurt & think we have abandoned them. It hurts me to know they are hurting. I love them & miss them so much. I will do anything for tI wish I could see them l cry every morn. & everynight. I pray to Jesus everyday tell him I love him & trust him. I have all these emotions. I’m sad, confused, depressed, & feel like my heart has been stomped on. I need the Lord’s help. I don’t care about life if they can’t be a part of it.
    Please, I need everyone’s prayers. I love you all & May God Bless you all.

    1. Heavenly Father, you see the trauma this grandmother is enduring at the loss of her grandchildren and I pray that she will be comforted and helped through this grieving process. May the children be kept safe and protected in a good, nurturing, Godly, decent place, and may they be allowed visits with their grandparents and parents during the time they are growing up, or if it is Your will Lord, may they be returned to the care of their grandmother or mother as quickly as possible. You Lord, know what is best for them, and I trust that You’re watching over all the people involved. I pray that Your hand will be in this situation and that all these family members will be blessed by You now and forevermore. I thank You for the love within this family and pray that any forces keeping them separated will be defeated and destroyed. Allow these children to return to the love of their grandparents and mother. You are a worker of miracles, a great comfort in times of grief, tribulation, and distress. Thank you, Lord… In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


      1. Yes sad but true….. My daughter fought for a year and 4mons to keep faith…..fate……they broke her down finally …a day before court…waittttt for it … u go judge …their 11yr old mind controlled daughter told the judge i beat her and her dad…because they wanted her and her 733.00 chk. My daughter told me that too. An she may see 20 to 30 a month weekly and like chump change ….damn shame… Its a conspiracy. ..


    4. God bless your heart I’m going to same situation with my grandchildren to get them back. OCS daughter can get her act together. I just pray my daughter and son-in-law can get them they’ve been fighting them too.. all I Have is Faith and Hope. Please know what’s going on with your case because I feel like I’m the only grandmother going through the same thing you’re going through.

  15. Pray for Lyndol Melivin Pahe, Jr. who was taken by his paternal grandmother 10 days ago in Apache County Arizona under false allegations and has got Social Services involved. He’s a beautiful and wonderful boy and needs to go home to those who love and adore him. WE MISS AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH. HOPE YOU ARE OKAY. Love, grandma June

  16. My family an me have been fighting dhs for 3 years for violated the safety plan. My child needed milk and dippers and I only thing I could do is ask my baby daddy to get milk an dippers at Walmart and the daycare worker saw me an turn me in and the state tulsa ok removed my child and I started the progress of trying get my child back. So complete the treatment plan while the state sent my son to TX. Where for 2 years he been beat and I have pictures. So the state filed a termination of my rights. The state got me to volunteer sign up my rights and I could not rest so I wrote a motion to withdrew my replenishment with motion to vacated my case. I have a court date to see if I get go to trail on Aug 15th 130pm. So sad part of this is my son being abused by my mom and step dad and because I don’t have rights no one listens. I pray they give me a trail and I do not have a public defender I have a real lawyer. Please pray we can see and know our baby and he gets come home before anything happens to him.

  17. Pray for my 3 year old son Jeremiah jayden that he is not adopted and I, Amneris his mother get custody of my son and also keep or get custody of my unborn Lorenzo that he too won’t be taken away from me. Pray for me that I get custody of my sons and be reunified for the first time. Also a prayer that on my court date coming up the judge is lenient on me with my kids and gives me a brake or a chance to be a mother because now I am feeling like I’m visiting a child that’s part of my family then of being my own child more like the aunt. Please and thank you I really appreciate these prayers for my family

  18. Please pray for my boyfriend. He allowed his ex wife to live at his home because she had no where else to go. She is addicted to drugs and alcohol and he has been a loving caregiver to their children. Due to his ex wife activities CPS was called and removed the children from the home they currently share. Please pray that he is able to show CPS & the judge the good parent he is and comply with any request to regain custody of his children. He is lost without them and has done nothing to deserve being seperated from his children. I advised him to file a Marchman Act and have her committed to treatment but the police have advised otherwise which doesn’t make sense to me. At this point i advised his to seek legal council. He is financial, mentally stable & is a wonderful parent. Please pray that justice will prevail, their seperation will b short and he will feel the lords love during this awful experience.

  19. My daughter was remover November 2014 due to my drug addiction. I am now over a year clean and no closer to having her home. I had recently lost her little brother at 20 weeks and 5 days pregnant, and two days later I got a call that I was not permitted to have access with my daughter due to being pregnant and not telling my worker. I lost two of my children in one week, and could use all the prayer’s I can get. I have just gotten a new legal aid lawyer the week after I was denied access and his statement was for me to refrain from any romantic relationships until my 5 year old daughter was 16 years old that way no one could say anything, and I don’t know where else to turn

    1. Tiffany, I’ll pray for you. I agree that having romantic relationships when you have a child at home can cause great problems. Step-parents are far more likely to injure a child than natural parents are. I hope you’ll get your daughter back. Sorry you lost your son.

      1. He has been in her life since she was 6 month’s old and she grew up calling him Daddy although we had taught her that he wasn’t her real daddy. And her father didn’t like it and now he gets angry with her for even speaking about my former partner and even his family. If my daughter mentions someting about my former partner , her father will phone protective services claiming I am seeing my former spouse again, when we have stopped our relationship in order for me to get my daughter back and my former partner was told because he is not biological there’s nothing he can do. After 6-8 months of us not speaking and I have not had contact with his family my worker had requested his family’s number which I gave them and my worker told his family and him that if we were to say we were in a relationship she would get us into relationship counseling, when they told her and I told her we were not in a relationship but would very much like relationship counseling I never heard nothing more about it.
        I don’t agree that it’s in the best interest of my child to have to completely erased most of her life and forget people she has come to know as family when they have done nothing wrong and any concerns could have been worked out. I thought they were suppose to work with families and keep them together, but honestly i’ve lost more, been more depressed and lonely since I have been off drugs and they have been involved.

        1. Tiffany, my heart breaks for you and your kids and the whole family. This is such a sad but common problem theses days. I am so happy for you that you have overcome your own difficulties and are well on the path to better health. Keep your faith, keep praying and believing in joyous loving outcome. You have support here. I wish you well. Brightest blessings.

          1. Prayer’s for me and my daughter Kaylee in st. John’s Newfoundland Canada.
            She was taking on nov 29, 2013 due to my drug addiction to which i got help for **Clean 1yr 2 months** and on April 13 we had another crushing blow to our family I had giving birth to a son only 22 weeks old and he past 5 short hours after, then on my scheduled visit after I got out of the hospital April 14 everything was fine I had my daughter and brought her to her days the next day and a day before my next visit , My daughters father had sent me a text that i was not allowed to pick my daughter up anymore.
            That was April 15, and I have still not seen my daughter yet. I have a meeting with my private lawyer my step dad had to pay for me as legal aid got me no where, and CYFS and their lawyer next week. I need prayers that my daughter and I will AT LEAST BE REUNITED

    2. It is hard to be a single mother, I have a similiar situation and can somewhat relate. My suggestion is to take time to soley focus on the family re-uniting. Require a list of requirements or goals to achieve and require a set time frame for this to occur. Get it all done! Once that happens professionally and kindly request they fulfill their part. If that does not occur- tell the judge. Record on your phone all meetings, all visitations, all sessions with any state workers. GET COPIES OF ALL DOCUMENTS. They make you feel like you have no rights but you do be your own advocate and be your families.

  20. I ask of you all to please pray for my two daughters who are 3 and 5. I left my husband may, 2015 with my children due to domestic violence. I have been a stay at home mother since my eldest was born and have been the ONLY parent to them. Their father is trying to seek full custody stating that I am mentally unstable ect. and has really perused because he is angry at me for what ” I did to him.” What he is referring to is that I called CPS to make a report regarding our daughter. Log story short, when she came home from her father’s for the weekend the following day i noticed blood in her underwear. I took her to the pediatrician who told me it was because she was wearing leggings. ( I almost laughed thinking it was a cover up because the kids were in the room) She proceeded to tell me she was 100% sure. Two days later my daughter disclosed to me that he hurt her in her vagina and she asked him to stop and he would’t. I then called CPS. The interviewed my daughter for 5 min and 10 seconds and came out to tell there were no signs and that was it. i had to ask to get her underwear tested and to have a medical evaluation done due to knowing my daughter and truly believing she isn’t making this up. CPS closed the case pretty quickly and when he got back unsupervised visits I went to drop them off to him and came home to a protection order he served against me for mentally abusing them. The hearing was on x mas eve and he lost… Since CPS has closed the case I brought my daughter to the doctors because a concerning rash I found on her genitals when I got them back after the 7 days of not seeing them due to his protection order. The doctor told me he he was highly suspicious it was genital herpes and by law he had to send me over to the ER. I explained to him why I was to afraid to go bc what CPS and their father have done too me and they will just take me to court again. I recently took her to the University of Baltimore where they perform STD blood work on children. My daughter ended up tell the doctor a mandates reporter what her father did to her. We did do the blood work because my county court does not accept blood work to be admissible in a case.. CPS still has done nothing even with the events since.. Tomorrow I meet with my attorney to see if we can come to settlement and tomorrow is out last attempt. Their father wants 50/50 custody (which I have temporary physical custody )and legal custody. I can’t agree to that but my attorney is pushing me to due to myself not having anymore money to keep fighting to be able to go to trial. Their father has also refused my daughter to go back into therapy since the allegations where made against him and cancelled an EEG ordered by a neurologist without telling me . She had a syncope and I found out she hit her head on the cement at his house.
    I pray that their father does the right thing for our girls which would be to keep it as it is with me having psychical custody and legal and that he also stops fighting the finical part by leaving the girls and I almost nothing when he makes a lot of money. He is hiding martial assets and money and I just want the right thing to happen tomorrow when we meet. Please pray for us to be able to settle. If we can’t I have no choice to find someway somehow for low cost or free to represent me to keep fighting. I am mentally and emotionally done dealing with this and his abuse to me and the girls during high conflict times. Most importantly I just want to start my new exciting like with my girls and move forward from this nightmare of a divorce. Please keep us in our prayers as I go to my meeting tomorrow after noon if anyone gets this. if anyone has any advice or support I would love to hear from you and you can reach at faith572015 Bless you all!

  21. I am just finding this website my 8 children were removed by cps based on lies and opinions.not one fact.I was diagnosised with cancer a few days after.I was not even home and unaware that cps had been at my home cps did not try to work with us and lied in the has been 9 months and my kids are still gone they had a home ,food, and everything they needed or wanted. My kids did not deserve to be taken.because of this my life has gotten worse I lost my home my children and almost my life in 9 months. I keep praying but nothing is changing.I just keep missing the most important times in my children’s lives from first day of school to first birthday n first steps.I can’t keep going on like this my heart is to broken and I am lost but I will never stop fighting for my kids instill god takes me home.please pray for me and my husband and our 8 small children that god will reunite us and mend the broken pieces.I miss my babies so much that it almost drives me insane..we need a miracle and God’s guidance to make it through this difficult time.

    1. I am heading to bed but would love to talk more tomorrow maybe.. Just wanted to know what state you live in? I live in MD and CPS is awful and turn their backs to sexual abusers and seem to be taking children away from good parents but not taking them from the parents who should not have custody. I am sorry you are going through this and you will be in my prayers..

  22. Please Pray For Me And My One Year Old Child Be Reunited CPS Took Him Away At 7mnths He Will Turn Two In Aug..I Been Trying My Best To Do Everything Possible For Him And try to please the CPS but yet nothing is satisfying to them im so trying to do extra classes extra parenting i need my son home with me im so empty with out him and when i went to see him he has bruses on his legs and so much bug bites with scabs my son isnt being takin care of the way his mommy would take care of him my son needs me and i need him please pray for him to come home safety thank you!!

    1. You are a good mommy and I am so sorry about what you are going through missing your baby sooo much. I’m crying after reading about your situation and I’m sure that Jesus is crying with you too and for all of his children who are in the same boat. If it wasn’t for Him I would be totally lost. I thank him too. In the summer (August 16th 2015) my husband and I had our newborn taken away from us by CPS one day after he was born. We were devastated and I think I am still in shock over this! We have visits with our little boy twice a week for three hours and, like you, I have tried so hard to cooperate with the CPS and do EVErYTHING they have asked of us but it,s never good enough. They even refuse to tell us the true concrete reason that they took our son to begin with, except that my husband grew up in the system and the fact that we have been “labelled” with bipolar in our pasts and I have a thyroid imbalance and was forced to give up my first birth child twelve years ago for similar reasons. Even though I have done a lot of counselling and recovered from past abuse issues from growing up, this is now again being held against my husband and myself. No matter how hard I try to prove to them that I will do only my very best for our little boy, as his mommy and have proved this over and over to them, they do not seem to take any of this into consideration! Like you said about your precious little one, my husband and I have noticed red marks on our child too, at visits since he’s been in foster homes and he was moved already twice due to this and other reasons and he is only four months old. I truly know and understand how you feel and my heart is with you and so our my prayers. It hurts so much to be a broken mommy or daddy, but Jesus Is and WILL help us and protect our babies cause he gave them to us to love and raise right in the first place. I have never met you but I am proud of you and all bereaved parents and children (and my kids) For never giving up in believing in God and yourself and our precious children! I do just believe somehow, that as we plug along every day and don’t give up, that we WILL andARE going to make it and that God IS and ALWAYS will be with us and we WILL be reunited with our children-our precious and priceless gift from God!. You are precious to God and so is your little one. I wish you love, peace, and clarity of heart and mind. Keeping you in my heart and prayers. Thanks for your prayers also. They mean more to me than gold! God bless you and keep you forever! In Jesus name. I just know that things are going to work out for us all because “if God be for us than who can (dare) be against us” and “no weapon formed against us shall prosper” By the way, I forgot to mention about my first birth child that he got adopted by two beautiful christian parents who let us all visit together annually and write and send him gifts throughout the year. He has three beautiful adoptive sisters also who just love him so much and look out for him and my son and I have a wonderful and respectful relationship! He knows that his birth mom loves him and is so proud of him! Praise be to God! Thank you for your time andTAKE CARE! I wish and pray for you and your little one all the very BEST!

  23. I would just like to ask if you all would just please pray for me. Its been 2 years still fighting they refuse to let me see my daughter through the termination process even tho I’ll be honest here I failed a drug test for pot, and I just want to put this out their bc cos is ridiculous and it’s a money making corrupt system and we’ll I got the short stick of the deal. This girl I went to school with was babysitter for me and just decided she was going to take my 3 month old baby and not tell me where she was lying to me and then I finally get my daughter back with the cops bc this chick was crazy and stated she would not return my child bc it was in my daughter’s best interest , I like how they used those big fancy words to make an excuse, but anyways I’ve been fighting had a Dr appt lawyer I did everything and more I know this other couple that was in same position and they got their kids back after smoking crack just be honest but I don’t get y I can’t and that’s y I’m asking if someone could please pray that some judge or some lawyer sees the truth! What they have me me & my bf through is unbelievable most of I would think that I’m making it up bc it doesn’t sound like people of authority would actually lie and do wrong things like that. But the only way I see is all together is the day we leave this earth ….and it’s sad that it will be a happy day bc we will be together finally as a family in our fathers kingdom forever.

    1. Ashley, you’re right – this life is short but our time in heaven will be eternal. I pray you’ll be with your children there. Also will pray for you to be reunited here. Many parents who are caught trying marijuana are able to get their children returned after doing rehab or whatever is on the reunification plan. I will pray for you and your children. So sorry this happened to you. Remember, marijuana ruins motivation. It is good for cancer patients and some others, but for young people who need to make a good life for themselves and their families, it is not so good. I’ll pray that you won’t feel a desire to do that again, no matter what happens. If you lose at TPR, continue to make your life amazing and beautiful so that when your children find you they will respect you more.

  24. This our story- Couple Arrested and Children Taken by CPS When Trying to Leave Texas to Visit Dying Grandmother – See more at:

    Please pray for my children. They were taken by CPS and have not been allowed to see them. Relative placement was denied and children were split into different foster homes, They are a 2 year old twins and a 3 year old . Please pray for their safety.

  25. Please Pray for my GrandChildren who are in foster custody in Bellingham Washington area; You can google their dad’s name – Cleave Rengo in Bellingham and read what is mostly true about our case. Their Health is not good; since being ‘kidnapped’ and we want them Home to give them the Love needed to thrive. Thank You. Also, do You know how I could communicate with other cps fighters in the Bellingham – Mt. Vernon Washington area ???

  26. Please pray for my kids and I,they are severing my rights in December to my younger kids but are letting my older ones come home,I have been fighting for over two yrs now and am losing hope,my kids are separated from me as well as each other and beg me to come home,its breaks my heart as a mother to see what they are going through and I can’t do anything,the foster mom that has three of my kids wants to adopt them so bad that she is making accusations against me so that she has a better chance of getting to keep court appointed attorney is no help.please pray for us I promised myself and my kids I would never give up.thank you for your prayers.I will pray for everyone else as well.

    1. We are kind of in the same boat. It is my grandchildren though. We have 4 because their parents are not capable right now, however after the birth of this last one(#5) the SW trying to adopt him out, now to a single mom because her & her partner split up. Our daughter finally has over 8 months clean so that’s hopeful. Just pray please- we hav jumped through every hoop & she is determined to not let us have him even though we have the others.

  27. Please pray for my family my 2 yo and my 9 mo. infant have been taken from us because of a report on my 2 yo saying “Daddy, hit me.” Although my toddler is into super hero’s and that’s what he pretends with his father. They took our children into foster care without notice because of a bruise on his cheek that had a witness there when he threw a tantrum and gave it to him self. I have read some of these other stories and I have prayed for everyone to be reunited with their children. Please document everything that goes on and stay strong because the Lord is on our side and through Him all wrongs will be made right. May God bless everyone.

    1. I pray for everyone dealing with cps system. They are quick at taking kids away from their mothers. My daughter has mild learning disabilities and fighting to get her 8 month old son back who is up for adoption. She has been violent in the past because she was bullied at school has already lost a daughter to cps but she has changed her life around by attending church please can everyone pray for everybody who is in the same boat as the law needs to be changed

  28. Please pray for my family. Cps took my son on an opinion of how I got my black eye. They are threatening to take my newborn after it’s born. I want my son back. My children are all I have and they are my treasure. My gifts from God. I am a good mother. Christian woman. Please pray for God to move in my children’s behalf and mine and rescue us from this crime. Thank you.

    1. Hello your story is so very fimliar with mine. On 4/2/14 cps took my 2 children 14 & 9. My husband and I also just found out we where pregnant a few weeks prior. Like you there was no evidence of any abuse or domestic violence it was all accusations that came from a my sons bio father made cause he was gone for 12 years and can back into my sons life and my own mother who is mentally ill. They got together and ploted a cps case. With no proof of anything no bruises no police reports no hospital records nobody from both my kids schools or couches felt or seen anything to report. The school teachers and couches actually sided with me. But still they took my boys and when I went to court I had every intention of fighting it but they told me if you wanna go to trial you will loose your kids forever and we will take the baby as soon as he is born. They said if I plead no contest and did some classes I would have them back in 6 months and the baby would be safe. I made the decision to do that to protect all my kids. The baby was never taken he’s now 10 months old they opened a case on him but closed it. But my 2 other kids are still in Foster care. My husband and myself have completed all of cps’s orders. We have even done extra things like marriage and individuals therapy. We have a nice home and a safe home. But I had a worker that didn’t do his job and refused to help me. The worker was changed in August since than things have been better as far as her doing the things the previous worker wouldn’t do. But they are now requesting my rights be terminated in October… There reason is the time has run out and my kids are “fine” where they are. Which I know they aren’t fine. This has changed them they both have been traumatized and our struggling with anger issues and my 9 year old cries everytime I see him saying he just wants to come home but nobody is listening to my kids. I know that’s was a lot of info but there is so much more. Bottom line is my kids where never in danger or abused. They where both honor roll students with no issues until now. I will say to you as far as the baby they can’t remove him or her cause they weren’t living while the case opened. I thank God I still have my youngest the baby but my other kids should be home. If we are fit for one child why not the other ones? I have never been through anything so hard and painful in my life. I have always been a good mother not a perfect mother but nobody is. I am so scared I will loose cause I see how corrupt and evil the system is. I will pray for you and your babies. The one thing that did save the baby was the classes we took. I suggest you do that even if you are going to fight your case. I wish I would have done that cause I know now they couldn’t take the baby based off my previous case. I do believe I would have won if I went to trial but I was lied to by cps. I feel your pain I know how hard it is to be pregnant and wonder if after I give birth they could come take him away. I am grateful I have my baby I think God put him here for that reason but I am going to put up the biggest fight at my next court date…. They give you about 5 mins so in 5 mins my life amd my 2 boys life is going to change. It’s so sad to see how many others are where I am. It’s nice knowing I’m not alone but sad that there’s so many others. I just want my family back… Good luck to you and fight for your kids. I have learned they don’t even care about what the kids want. We have to fight for them too. They are the ones who hurt the most. Sorry if that was long but I felt like we have a similar story.

    2. Just advice you need to move to another state before the baby born. You need a real lawyer and not public defender they work for the state. I sorry you are going through this but save the baby they not gotten. Just move. Make sure it a family state. Don’t go to Oklahoma or Texas. Missouri and Florida is safe

  29. Please pray for my son who was taken by Cps on a opinion of what happened on how I got a black eye. I cannot afford a lawyer. I love my son and want him back very soon. I need Cps out of my life and the court system to stop telling me what to do and when. I am a good mother. Christian woman. My children are precious to me and a gift from God. Please help me pray.

  30. I have a friend whom her life revolves completely around her daughter. She is a single mom, extremely hard working and never asks anything of anyone, takes care of her bills even pays cash for her daughter to go to doctor as no help from state for insurance for her daughter even. She is a strong woman, devoted mother, her only two days off work she always takes her daughter to the beach…. every morning their routine includes Dunkin Donuts five munchkins for her princess and donut for self… each day is routined so rught now her lil ones world is upside down…. she is ONLY TWO!! I don’t want to write what happened on public forum but my friend was a victim completely…. and now a victim of cps too… Cps went as far as putting a no contact order… she is not even being accused of anything violent so talk about insane….hence why I don’t want to go into detail as already what cps is doing makes no sense . I wouldnt want a typo to be used against friend this is all so stupid I don’t know what to think..

    PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SPEEDY REUNION OF MY FRIEND AND DAUGHTER. OR AT VERY LEAST FOR THE TO FIX THE NO CONTACT ORDER WHILE THIS IS GOING ON. I would also love to see my LITTLE BUDDY and do her nails like I promised her last week before this mess started…

    I STRONGLY BELIEVE IN POWER OF PRAYERS I KNOW BETTER THAN ANY COURT OR LAWYER. SO PLEASE ANYONE AND EVERYONE PRAY AND CONTINUE TO PRAY. I promise you are praying for a mommy and daughter to go back to their loving normal life with her beach time and donuts and her playtime and dancing with mommy and all, besides work they are normally together every waking moment and when she awakes in middle of night … now little two year old lost can’t understand…. please please pray with me….. THANK YOU

    1. I pray God reunite the family back together. I ask cover with his blood so no one else may come between them ever agaim.

  31. What a beautiful prayer, Linda, from a compassionate and understanding heart. I lost a daughter and almost a son to CPS workers. I agree in prayer with you for these others whose families have been broken unjustly, and I pray for your ministry to them.

    1. Thanks, Barbara… these people need all the prayer they can get! There are many heartbreaking stories I’ve heard.

  32. I pray to you Dear Father God in the holy name of Jesus Christ Our Lord And Savior that you soften the hearts of those who wish to do us harm and who have slandered us, ruined our integrity as a family and scoffed at out rights and constitution and amendments. These people are wicked and I ask that you put them at our footstool where they belong. Jesus says “Let the children come to me and do not hinder them.” He also says that anyone who causes a child to sin or hurts a child in anyway it would be better if that person had never been born. ALSO everyone here my family is going through all of the same things that we all on here and everywhere else are, we are NOT alone. God’s Law is above man’s and a man’s ways are many but God always prevails. Do not give up the hope and keep the faith. He hears your cries, feels your pain and has not left you alone even though I know many of you feel alone-rest assured He is with you every step of the way. Now is OUR time God has appointed people like us the ones who speak out and don’t give up, we are fighter’s for Justice and truth and we love our children. God says wherever two or more come together in agreement in prayer it shall be done by His Father in heaven. We all come in agreement now so believe it and receive! God sent Jesus to pay for our sins and he went to the cross for us, remember that when he arose and ascended back to Heaven to be with the Father he left the Holy Spirit with us and told us that we now have the power and right to do all the things he has shown us, we share an equal inheritance, we are God’s children and if God is for us who can be against us? There is Power in Prayer, pray continually- out of the purity of you heart God hears every prayers, hears your cries, feels your pain and is working to help each and everyone of us! Do not doubt that ever! God’s greatest gift is a child and all spirits were given by him as he is the only creator. He did not give you these children to have them be taken away by all the King Herods etc,,,so to speak, they are His gift to you! Never give up and magnify God and not the problem which is abuse of authority by cps/dhs///etc. You will win if you are persistent and we are all brothers and sisters in this together. Continue to speak out about this and do not be afraid of their threats and scare tactics! Be still and know God is the mightiest and Strongest and you have already won! Positive thinking! There is NO fear in LOVE!!

  33. cps took my new clean so is the baby.the had no justifaction that made sense.please pray for allestar to come home from court w me.thank u.

  34. Please pray that CPS can once and for all leave and stay out of our lives. We were a close loving family until the corrupt ways of CPS and has taken years from my boys having their mother to guide them love them be proud of them and tuck them in at night. They have taken the bond of brothers and sister away from my four beautiful children and for all four to have both parents in their lives. Little Lexi never was away from me for a day and now three months I pray she has no idea how long its been and will believe me when she’s back with me that I will never leave her and I pray this doesn’t hurt Ashton for having been removed from his mommy for the second time under false allegations. No one will ever love these children more than their mother I carried them nine months and lived every single day with their best interest only in mind and at heart. We can never get back the lost time or holidays birthdays or things we have missed o please pray that my babies come home to me where they are loved unconditionally by their one and only mother. My heart aches for them and my nightmares keep me up in the night. We did not deserve this CPS should only intervene in abuse and neglect situations which our case was neither. I cannot believe these people have children at home after taking our children they can go home at night and look in the eyes of their own children. I look forward to being a close family and being the best mother I can be and always have been please return my children they want their mother and I want to hold them comfort them through sickness and when they’re scared. Taking my children away has taken my livelihood my life away and my will to do anything but fight and pray for their return. Include us in all of your prayers.
    SARa Jeremy Dakota Joshua Ashton and Lexi.
    Thank you

  35. I need lots more prayers than just my own even though god is my lord an savior from whice my life belongs to him .. CP’s is basing my case on my past an I dnt think its fair…dnt have money to hire a lawyer or I would have done so asap…I also pray for all the other families that dnt given a chance because of past circumstances…may the lord bless u all an keep u from the evil of the world that which is cps

  36. Pray there names is analize garcia and isabelle grace garcia my name the mother yael montesdeoca plz I have faith jesus will never let our family down pray for those twins a mother in need to have my daugthers back

  37. Hi my daughters where taken from cps from hospital place in foster care my babys are five months old am dying to have my daugthers with me I dont everything I got my son back from them but am waitin on my daugthers in the name of my lord jesus am also Christian but we need other support aswell plz pray to get my twins back next court day april 24

  38. Pray for little Gabriel who was taken by cps 6 days ago in tuolumne county california under false and unprovable allegations. He’s a beautiful boy and needs to go home to those who adore him. WE MISS YOU SO MUCH. MAY YOU BE SAFE AND SOUND. Love, grandma

    1. I’ll keep praying for you, Sylvia… and for your family. I wrote this prayer because we need a “bigger hammer” . . . a helper greater than the evil that is in the world, tearing families apart for trivial reasons.

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