If your debts are many, and you're ready to get out of debt and live debt-free, pray for help, because God wants to help us improve our lives. This photo links to a prayer for getting out of debt.

Prayer for Paying Off Debt

Heavenly Father, God, my strength and my redeemer,

I ask You for assistance in helping those of us with debts to pay off. Lord, have mercy on us. We need Your strength to get through this situation. We need Your help to do the right thing and pay those bills on time every month. Lord, help us with our monthly financial obligations, and bless us with being able to pay off all that we owe as quickly as possible.

Lord, I acknowledge that getting into debt was the wrong thing to do. And so long as I continue to increase my debt, I am failing to stop the actions and desires that continue to weigh so heavily on my mind. Therefore, I ask You to give me the strength and determination to say no to further indebtedness. Let me be one of the successful ones who pay off all debts and maintain a debt-free lifestyle in years to come.

Lord, strengthen me to know my financial limits and live comfortably within them. Let me be happy with less. Let me be willing to wait for the things I want, until I save money for them. And Lord, let saving money be easy for me. Give me the fortitude and perseverance to put money into my savings account every month, even while I’m paying off the debts.

Father God, help me to renegotiate loans successfully. Give me the right words to say, and the right people to talk to, to get interest rates lowered and loan balances transferred to less costly accounts. Bless my financial affairs, and my efforts to get all loans paid in full.

Lord, I thank You for the many blessings You’ve brought into my life. I see the work of Your hands in giving me things I need, and I’m so grateful for all You do for me. I recognize Your work in my life. Thank You! Thank You!

Precious, gracious God, You are my hope for a better future. A future lived according to Your will. Help me align my life with Your will, and let me never forget that You want to help me through all the trials of life. So I place this burden of indebtedness in Your hands, and ask, with love for You, that Your will be done. Thank You for bearing these burdens that are too heavy for me.

Lord, I love You, I trust You.

In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Prayer by Linda Jo Martin, author of River Girl.

Debt photo at top of page, by Alan Cleaver – used per CC2 license.

18 thoughts on “Prayer for Paying Off Debt

  1. Lord help me and my family. please provide for us. we trust you lord. pleaae who you read this please pray for us. thankyou lord.

  2. Lord plesae help me and my husband for financal to pay our debts and our rent. Lord I trust you and believed in you coa even I always failed you, but you still care for me. lord help me in this kind of hard time. please lord, I need you please. I have no words to say cos you know whats inside me now. lord please provide for me and my family. we believe in you. thankyou lord in the power of jesus name. l love you LORD N TRUST YOU ALWAYS

  3. God Bless me with my debt being canceled, and that I get to stay in the house am in.

    I thank you Jesus, for all that you’ve done, & will do. it is Done In Jesus name Amen.

  4. I am in deep financial crisis and heavily indebted. pray for me that God helps me to sell the products i sell so that i can pay my debts in accommodation, shop rentals, shop licenses, my suppliers who gave me their products on credit, and children school fees. help me please

    1. Lord we lift up Walter to You. You said that You will provide. Please provide for him and to anyone else that needs help during financial crisis (as well as me). Please forgive us for all of the mistakes that we made or for not giving this all to You. Please show us how to provide in this time of need. Thank you

  5. Kindly pray for me to get out of debt; and let my debtors pay me within 24 hours.

    I would want to send you requests from my group individually and perhaps collectively.

    I hope you would want to partner with us?

  6. I ask that my God in heaven would cancel all loans (school and car loans) and hospital bills etc and make my credit score excellent. Mark 10-20 Start commanding what you want. I’m blessed start moving on the the blessing God is my provider. The blessed thing I can do is put my money or provision in Jesus hand to multiply. I’m believe that within two months it will be renewed.

    Gods blessing unto me thank you Lord

    1. God will provide. God please help Yolanda and us as we are struggling as well. You said that You would answer our prayers and provide. Please lead us now.

  7. My comment on debt about we forget that tithe is a debt which we need to pay as well. It is owed to GOD!

  8. Amen…. And because I know what He said He will do for me, He will. Thank you God for making me debt free…. Father thanks for making my credit excellent … In Jesus name I pray, Amen

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