Prayer for a foreign student

Prayer for a Foreign Student

So many times I wonder if I’m praying the right way. So the request to please guide me in prayer is the best way to start.

Dear Heavenly Father, God, I have so many requests at this time. I want to pray, first of all, for the young man who messaged me on Facebook, from Africa, who said he wanted to get help to move to the United States for a free education.

Please help him and bless him with as much education as he needs to prosper and be happy in life.

Bless him with an outstanding set of ethics with which he can uplift and bless those he lives among.

Bless him with a career that he will love and do well in, and a healthy, happy, love-filled family.

I know at this hour there are many others like him living in poverty and deprivation, wishing they could do better in life.

Precious Lord Jesus, have mercy on them and help them to find ways to improve their situations and the living conditions for all who live in their countries.

Please dear God, let there be positive solutions for this crisis in educational and career opportunities for the impoverished.

Help them to turn to You. humble themselves before You, and seek Your presence. Lord, give them Your grace and salvation.

I ask you these things in Jesus’ Name.


Prayer by Linda Jo Martin

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