They that dwell in His shadow will return to God.

A Prayer for God’s Will in My Life

I pray, dear Lord, that I learn to discern satanic attack from gifts You have given me. I pray to be protected from all that is satanic – and covered by the pure and holy blood of Jesus Christ.

Help me let go of all that is not of You. Help me to purify my heart, mind, and life, so I’ll be worthy of Your Holy Name.

Be with me now, and comfort me as I face my tests. Show me what You would have me do. Breathe in me, Holy Spirit.

In the name of the Most Holy Lord, Son of God, Jesus Christ, Amen!

Prayer by Linda Jo Martin … who also wrote: How to Choose a Church … if you are not in fellowship I pray you will find a good church where you will be loved and blessed. If you’re not feeling loved and blessed in a church, you may be in the wrong church. It is important to stay in fellowship.

Image credit (top of page) … photo by Geralt @Pixabay… I changed the size and added the verse from the book of Hosea.

One thought on “A Prayer for God’s Will in My Life

  1. i was falsely accused of a crime and cps took my boys. My criminal case was finally dismissed but yet I still have to fight to get my boys back. It has so deeply affected them and they want to come home.Please pray for us to be reunited soon.

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