Solemnity of the Annunciation, by El Greco

Prayer for Recovery From Phobias

A prayer for the fearful, and anyone suffering from phobias or paranoia.


Carmela was a poor Italian woman who was afraid of getting sick.

She shut herself off from the world for twenty-six years.

For more than ten years her brother enabled this by leaving food for her on her doorstep, though he hadn’t actually seen her in all that time.

One day her brother was unable to continue feeding her due to medical problems of his own, so he had to tell the authorities about her plight.

They did the only reasonable thing.

They removed her from her home and brought her back to the land of the living.

A part of me wants to cry out that Carmela should have been left alone, to arrange her life as she desired, yet she was in need of healing.

If you know anyone with a phobia, let them know that there’s help through prayer. Nobody should suffer in fear, alone.


I pray now, in the name of Jesus, for all who suffer from phobias, regardless of what form these phobias take. Any fear is crippling. Love is the opposite of fear, and God is love.

Let love fill you by giving your life to Jesus, the greatest healer humankind has ever known. If you give your life to Him, He can send His Holy Spirit into your heart to heal you from the inside.


Heavenly Father, Lord of all, have mercy on us. We need Your love, Your help, Your healing. Let Your Holy Spirit work within us for healing from all fears, especially irrational fears and phobias. Your love cures all things, and heals, and protects.

Heavenly Father, I ask that You heal anyone suffering from a phobia of any kind. Let these people seek and accept Your salvation. Let them turn their lives over to You, for healing. Draw them ever closer to You, Lord, until they naturally want to submit their lives to You.

Lord, I know that when I feel afraid, I need to remember that You are there, and that You love me. I know that whatever You choose for My life is the best thing that could possibly happen. I want my life to be in alignment with Your will for me, as I know that’s a blessing. Let me wander no more, but find shelter in Your comfort and peace.

Lord, when children are afraid, please comfort them. Help them to escape from whatever frightens them or disturbs their thoughts in malicious ways. Embrace them with Your love. Give them the understanding, faith and confidence to know that You are there, and that You will help. I thank You for all Your help for frightened children.

Heavenly Father, there is so much paranoia in the world these days. People are afraid of the environmental destruction of the planet, the end of the human race, the political situations, and increasing crime. There are many reasons to be afraid these days, but when Your love and peace are in us, we know that whatever comes, You will be there to take care of us. You will provide for us, until You choose to call us home to Your Heavenly Kingdom.

Lord, give each of us the blessed assurance of Your love and care for us. Let each of us remember always that You are there, that You love us, and that there’s no reason to be afraid anymore. You are our Lord, and we are Your children. Lord, let us never forget how much You love us.

Thank You, Lord, in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, for healing us from fear.



Prayer by Linda Jo Martin

Portrait: Solemnity of the Annunciation, by El Greco