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Prayers for Relationships – To Make Them Strong and Healthy

This page has two prayers for relationships – to make them strong and healthy. If your relationship is troubled, you are doing the right thing, to pray for it. God not only sees what’s in our hearts, He is the only one who can rearrange our lives to make those relationships work better. He can heal what’s wrong with us – nobody else has the wisdom or means to fix what’s wrong.

Prayer for Christian service and protection of a relationship

Heavenly Father, Lord of our hearts, You see us, You know us, You love us and protect us. I pray that You will bless our relationship and lift us up in service to You as Christians and as the people you want us to be.

I ask that Your Holy Spirit sanctify us individually and as a couple, for the joy of working together to glorify You and Your church.

Lord, show us the path to service, heal any fractures in our relationship now or in the future, and build a hedge of protection around us, to guard us from outside forces that might try to attack us. Make this a godly, righteous relationship of two people engaged in loving and serving You and Your chosen people.

I thank You, Lord, for the faith You’ve given me to know that this is true – that You protect, You guard, You guide, and You love us.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Relationships - pray for strong, spiritual relationships, in Christ.

Prayer to heal a troubled relationship

Almighty God,

You see our shortcomings and difficulties; please have mercy on us. Strengthen and heal our relationship. We are weak, but you are the divine healer and strengthener of all hearts and souls.

Guide us to do Your will in this world, to love and respect each other, and to be your representatives among the people. Bless us with a peaceful, happy relationship, and help us share our mutual, thriving love with the world.

Bring us together emotionally and spiritually for the good of those whose lives we touch, and for the greater good of humankind. Thank you for your kindness toward us, frail as we may be, and for the strength of Your Loving Spirit manifesting in our hearts.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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63 thoughts on “Prayers for Relationships – To Make Them Strong and Healthy

  1. Dear heavenly Father, I love him so much. Please open his eyes to the wrong he is doing and to expose her true self. I love him and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. please help him change his ways and put him on the path of forgiveness, respect, and love. Please help him mature and put our relationship above all. I want to spend the rest of my life with him and I need him to feel the same way, I know he feels the same way.

  2. Dear Lord,

    I offer you this prayer, to help me with my current relationship situation. Please take away all the pain and hurt in my heart. Fill it with love, joy and patience, understanding. Bless me and my partner, so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges that come our way. Fill our hearts with love for each other, and may you make each one of us realize each other’s worth. Please touch the heart of my partner, fill it with much love for me. Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. I seek for your mercy and blessing that you may allow us to spend the rest of our lives with each other. Please make this feeling mutual for both of us. Lead us not into temptations. Guide us wherever we go. Always put us in each other’s heart and mind. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer. I love you. Amen.

  3. It’s taken me so long to find him and when I saw wat he was doing it hurt me so bad I dont understand it it makes no sense please lift up our relationship heavenly father please make him realize rn today that way he’s doing is wrong I don’t know if there a anything else I dontbknow about please help us I dontvwant to feel this way

  4. I love him so much and he lives me too I see his love and feel it the way he looks at me and holds me please pray rn for me and him

  5. Yes I need help to heal what ever negative forces are around my relationship please help me to know that I am the only one my bf wants and will stop the flirting and asking if someone is single it hurts me so it’s hard to to talk to him cuz he dosnt answer

  6. Dear Heavenly Father, I give thee thanks for thy wondrous love and blessing upon me and my girlfriend, Esther. Lord, you know the trouble and the pain that we are going through, I pray to thee, Lord that, let your affection and love be feel by my lover as she is weak and hurt by losing her sweet father. she becomes weak and skinny as she mourn and cry since her father left them for heavenly aboard. I now Lord seek your kind healing and understanding touch over my girlfriend to know more about you Lord. May this bring in her life the taste of your sweet and kind divine healing power Lord. I love her so much that I’ve suffer like her Lord. you know I’ve committed my life for her to you in my prayers Lord. Dear Father, help us understand more about you but not to mourn for this earthly separation. Help us to stay happy and yearn for you Lord. We need You, come into our life and lead us in all our paths to only glorify your name in whatever we do Lord. and Bless us to remain happy together to glorify you and make us shine brighter than ever so that the world could see You through us and exalt your Name Lord.
    We love you Lord and will serve You till the our last breathe Lord.
    with all this we thank You and glorify You.
    In Jesus name, I pray.

  7. I pray for God to guide me to make my relationship with Jerry stronger each day. I pray that we get over this rocky part. I know God brought us together for a reason. I know we love each other . We have so much in common, we enjoy our time together. Our kids enjoy each other and our family days, God knows how to fix our relationship and make it stronger. I know we can bring each other closer to God. He wants to help at a church and my church would be a great start for him to join. I know he has not been to church much in his life but I know with Gods help he will become part of a church and turn to God more. I know with him learning the way of God that will bring me closer to God as we study the Bible together. I pray the my loving relationship with Jerry to be stronger healthy happy and include God everyday

  8. Please DEAR Lord help protect me and Colby relationship dont let negative evil people harm us with their words and lead both of us not into temptations. Don’t anyone come between our lives between us. U brought this man in my life to love me protect me. To have marriage and to love forever with him. God i love him so much u know that. I just hope u lead us into ur church through marriage. PLEASE GOD KEEP ANY UNGODLY SOUL AWAY FROM US. PROTECT OUR RELATIONSHIP FROM CHEATING LYING AND DISHONESTY, AND EVERY EVIL WORD OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS TO CAUSE US TO FIGHT. I LOVE U GOD PLEASE HEAR MY PRAYER. Amen.

  9. Dear God
    heal and stregthen my relationship with Edward i destroy every outside forces that are trying to bring us to respect and love each other more.
    In Jesus name


  10. Heavenly Father, please have mercy upon me and Jennifer’s relationship. Please bless it and protect it from outside forces. Let our love and commitment strengthen and deepen as we continue the path to marriage. We ask for your guidance and grace in Jesus name. Amen.

  11. Dear Lord,
    Please help Charles and I find Your peace that passes understanding. Please be with him as he is completing his education in another country and dealing with a lot of new feelings and changes. Please grow him into the man that you designed him to be and help him during this emotionally difficult time. Help me to better understand this relationship and it’s place in my life. Help me to seek You first and to have the courage to move forward in your will, with or without my boyfriend. Please give us peace, patience, and clarity and forgive us both of our transgressions in this relationship. Help us to see Your purpose in this relationship, past and present. Allow us to get out ourselves out of the way so that you can do Your work in both of our lives. I pray for Charles and I thank You for him. I give over my desires of control and trust You to take care of his growth and healing. As much as I want to pray for my relationship with him, it is hard, but I pray first for his relationship with You. Help us both to seek You first and to be still and know that You are God. I pray this for mine and every relationship in these comments, Lord.
    In the wonderful name of Jesus,

    1. Wow, Amanda. I came across this site looking for help because I’m really struggling with my relationship and I’m finding it hard to pray. I don’t know what to pray because things seem so bad now. I read your prayer and it spoke my heart exactly. I can hardly see to type past the tears. Praise God for using you because across the many miles between us you’ve helped me today. I’ve been crying for two days about this and just this morning I asked God to show me the way…give me the words. I’m going to pray this prayer and believe God for my and Reggie’s lives. Thank you so much and may God continue to elevate you and bless you in the spirit rhelm and in the natural

  12. Lord may you strengthen our relationship with my partner (poka) ,so that we grow in love ,and your spirit upon us ,for we shall make it in your name.

  13. Lord Jesus., I pray for I and Edosa relationship. You know how much I truly love and care for him. And how our family been separated has affected me greatly. Lord show us your mercy. Fill our hearts with love for each other, let him learn to trust and love me again. Bless our relationship when we do reconcile and make our family whole again.

  14. Dear God i pray to fix my relationship with Quinton and that he is still for me n understand that God is always there and not turn his back i just want our relationship to be at peace

  15. to God be the Glory Great things he had done, continue to be faithful and consider it done. I am now going through a similar situation but i believe that God will will come through for us.

  16. Lord/Father,

    Please help me in this difficult time I am going through with my partner.
    Please help guide us and touch our heart, so that we can overcome this challenges in our life.
    With your Mercy and Forgiveness, please touch my partner’s heart with lots of Love and help heal us.


  17. Please God restore my relationship with Ebere offor and I ugochukwu Mbah with your holly spirit and every mountain that stands between our relationship to be destroy . I love her so much and God should touch here mother and brothers with sister to allow me marry her I will be greatful if this prayers Is answered quickly Amen

  18. Dear Heavenly Father,
    Please help Zach and I to grow closer together through this rough time and confusion. Please help me heal my heart and change my responses to the things that upset me. Please help him to understand my feelings for him and for him to more clearly understand his for me. I ask that you heal my relationship and make us as strong as we used to be and for us to last. I would love to get married in your church to him and want to be with him forever. Please help us to over come our rough patches and get back to our happy place. I ask this through Jesus name. Amen.

    Please if anyone reads this pray for me.. I would really appreciate it.. and if you do reply so I may pray for you as well<3

    1. i read this prayer and i would appreciate that you pray for philippe and i which is my other half .thanks for your prayer i read it, it will strengthen us i have been fighting a battle since i small , i am sending my email address so we can chat some more .

      1. I have prayed for you and I ask that you please pray for JoNathan and I. I serve a all mighty God and he will carry us through these trying times. Dont give up. Continue to pray and have FAITH. I e included my email address if ever you feel the need to reach out please, do not hesitate.

    2. I will pray for you as I need a praying partner through this difficult boyfriends mother wants him to get back with his ex but he doesn’t want to.i pray that she accepts me as his current partner.this is causing us pain.

    3. Just prayed for you and your significant other. My sentiments as well, kindly pray for Mark and I as well. Please and thank you.

    4. I had said a prayer for you guys to have gods guidance In your life and for you both to seek out gods love he knows you have for him and show each other and understand each other more in ways you both honor one another!! Have a blessed day!!

      I have similar situation as in regaining this amazing perso Christina in my life and want to go about things the right way and allow us to have a long lasting relationship.. we have been through rough times but ultimately we know how much we mean to each other.. you can say prayer for us to be with and have nothing come between us and have an amazing relationship that we both can grow with each other!!

  19. Dear Lord,
    Today I ask that you cover my home with peace, forgiveness, compassion, kindness and love. I know in the deepest part of my heart 4 years ago you strategically placed him in my life. I love him with all my heart, I pray you would get us through this difficult time in our relationship, I pray that you open his eyes to see how much I love and care for him. I pray he would put me and my girls before himself. I ask that you protect us and that you will help us to move past these terrible few days and that we would come back together in love. Only you have the power to change things, changes hearts, So Please hear my prayers lord.

  20. Dear Heavenly Father,
    i pray that may you bless our relationship with Kez william Jr.
    whatever obstacles we may face as a young couple,may u be there to help us overcome it
    Lord you had REASON as to why you brought us together and i pary may you will be Done in both our lives as a young couple.


  21. Dear Lord ,
    Please listen this prayer and I’m seeking your help . My dear heavenly father , I love Kelvin a lot ! I need him ! Pls protect our relationship! Give your warmth love to both me and my dearest Kelvin ! Give your strength to us ! Pls ask my Kelvin to be honest to me ! Take away my all the pain from my heart ! Touch my kelvin’s heart and fill it full of my love ! My dear Jesus , show us right way , correct and forgive our mistakes ! Tell Kelvin to don’t repeat the same mistakes again and again ! Give your right direction to ask ! I love you always my dear heavenly father !! My only hope is you ! Thanks for being with me everytime ! Thanks for hearing this prayer! Amen !!!

  22. Dear father in heaven, be the center and the pillar of my relationship with Innocent. nomatter the challenges and obstacles trying to part us, we shall remain in Great love n dominion.. Amen

  23. Dear God and ask you to help solve our differences, help I and Joshua overcome our egos humble us oh dear Lord. I love him so much dear God and am glad that you blessed us with the child to be born dear Lord I ask you to protect it and let it grow in a loving and caring family. Dear God you know how much I miss us please make him come back and finish what we had started. God I beg you.

  24. Dear Lord,
    I ask for understanding between my boyfriend Eric & I, that whatever is trying to come between us can do us no harm. Lord I ask that all our arguing & fighting stop & heal his broken heart so that he can be released from his past or released from his ex so that he can love me as I love him & help us both to get on the right path together. In Jesus Name I Pray AMEN

    1. Lord please bring Alexanda and Eric to a peaceful place that is full of love and commitment. Please help Eric to be released from whatever demons are holding him in a bad place and let him be filled with the Holy Spirit. Help Alexanda be patient and fill her with your love as you both work on healing Eric. I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

      I hope this helps<3

  25. I pray for peace and content in my relationships. I pray my boyfriend opens his eyes to how he hurts me and changes quickly. I pray for forgiveness for may wrongs through my life and discernment in my relaywith bf. Please open doors so that I make right decisions.

  26. I wish that my girlfriend Anuja who broke up due to misunderstanding me and thought i am a liar by listening to my Ex and to a common friend who spoiled my image in front of her, to speak to me to clarify things between us. Forgive me for mistakes which i committed during the relationship. i confess my mistakes. All i wish from my heart and soul is that her love for me and my love for her reunite us back together and we get married. I wish that she comes back and talks to me, meet me, miss me, call me as she has been in no contact from 6 months now. I have been trying to talk to her for months. i feel my world is nothing without her. i pray that my prayers are accepted and that her heart is filled with love for me. I feel like dying. my life isn’t worth living, without her. Plz jesus bring her back into my life or plz take my soul as i wish and request to reunite both of us in our love for each other.


  27. lord , we had a good relationship,i can say a better one than the others. we’ve been tough together thru thick and thin, we surpassed obstacles, but things are going out of nowhere lately. while we are slowly getting the success we wished together in terms of our own career, we’re also slowly tearing apart, or somehow it seems to be. while we’re going up separately, together we’re falling down. Lord guide us to rebuild the fire in our relationship. guide is to be a better person for each other . please lead us to a better road together. i pray for your love and guidance towards us. please loosen up our mind, refresh our souls, heal our hearts and give us courage to fight for this relationship. please help us to cope with this issues together, and guide us as we surpass this obstacle in time. I pray for our love lord god. Thank you for or the blessings you’ve given to us, for the guidance and love. Amen

  28. Lord, please bring Kenneth back to me. I can’t bear losing him and suffer disappointment at the edge of getting married. Father, cancel every manipulation of the wicked on our marital plans. Give me the grace to keep on praying and waiting on You Lord. I want to testify this Xmas period. Please Father, I can’t tell those I’ve announced to about our plans for each other that it didn’t work. Lord you showed me in a revelation that he’s the one for me. Restore this relationship, Father please. Amen

  29. I been battling stress and depression,my ex fiance left me and my children on nov 24,over a heated argument im so hurt and lost,we were getting married in February,the devil truly won by destroying my relationship and the only man I’ve loved more than Anyone,please pray he comes back….

  30. Dear heavenly Lord
    I continuesly praying to heal my relationship but I m nt getting any much develop in my relation today I did a very big fight with him and he totally breaks our relation plz Lord i want him in my life lord plz bring back my love Lord otherwise plz take my life to u I don’t want this life Lord plz bless me lord i can’t bear this pain

    1. Heavenly Father, I ask for the release from emotional pain for Kadambini and the great comfort of the Holy Spirit to surround and inhabit and bring joy to Kadambini each and every day. Let all Kadambini’s relationships be blessed with hope and happiness for all those involved… let Kadambini and all friends and family turn wholly to You Lord and find the peace and comfort of knowing You, seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven and Your righteousness so that they can find happiness and peace in their relationships and personal lives. Thank you Heavenly Father, for blessing Your child, Kadambini. In Jesus’ Name – Amen!

      1. Dear Lord
        I m totally impatient i can’t bear this pain lord what is my fault y u r punished me this much badly if I did anything wrong which cant excuse me then take my life I don’t need this life without him take it i don’t want plz Lord plz heal my relation i m totally impatient fill his heart with much love for me give him a way that come to me Lord plz i beg u Lord i prayed this in the name of jesus amen

        1. God will listen to your prayers he delays but the prayers never go vacant. Have faith and believe in GOD you will surely get back your love. Dear jesus please help Kadambini in this situation bless her and her partner to feel the love for each other forgive them for the sins they may have committed during the relationship. If you have bought them in relationship you can again bring them back in relationship. Have mercy on both of them. Amen

  31. Please help bring mike B and Jessica A back together to mend their relationship please let mike put his ego and pride aside ,and please ask for forgiveness for all he’s done please slow mike’s lifestyle down fast and sit him down fast from selling,doing drugs and being around clubs and bars and please pray for him to fight all temptations from having sex with other female’s please help him concentrate on Jessica his wife and his relationship on working on coming back home soon please keep him distance from any females who is interrupting in the way of them trying to get back with one another, please help open his eyes and mind and heart to concentrate on Jessica only .please slow his lifestyle down fast and make him realize that she truly cares and loves him only ,and only wants the best for him please Dear God change him, put his lifestyle on A Stop. Amen

  32. please dear God I asked for your help I ask that you guide me and Michael spiritually with the hearts to become as one and that our love grow stronger and stronger each day for one another is that we learn to grow with respect trust and faith in one another and that you bring him home soon I asked your God that you come into his heart open up his eyes and keep him away from the club scenes the bars in from being from Woman to Woman please dear God keep all people we’re trying to interrupt and our relationship away please bring our hearts together again as one and bring him home back soon open up his eyes and his heart and got him in the right path of lifeplease dear God slowed his lifestyle down go to him dear God and make him realize that Jessica does care and love him truly with all her heart please dear God pray that we have peace happiness and prosperity brought into our home and into our hearts and our soul or mind and then we become as one and our relationship together forever please dear God bring Michael back home soon amen

  33. Dear lord my heart is broken. PleAse guide my partner so that he finds his way home to me. I love this man with my whole being and will do anything to heal this relationship. Please god help us

    1. dear God I ask that you please bless this relationship and that you bring them back together as one and that they find peace and happiness and prosperity brought into their hearts they’re so in their mind I asked you Lord that you help them in their relationship and bring them back together as one amen

  34. I love a guy God I love him so much no other plz God u r the only one who can help me plz solve my troubles in my relation plz give mutual love and understand to both of us plz help me God

    1. dear God I ask that you please mend this relationship I have my dear heavenly father that you please take away all their troubles and their problems away and anyone who’s interested in the relationship and that you bring them both back together as one and that you you bring their hearts spiritually together as one and take away all their problems and that you please bring them peace happiness and prosperity into their lives their hearts they’re so and their mind especially in the home Amen

  35. Please Lord,
    Give me the strength I need to pull through this and please help us uncomplicate our relationship. Help him help himself and let us grow together. If there is something more I should do please guide me. I love this man like no other. Please, help us.

    1. I asked your God that you help these two people mend their relationship and bring their hearts together spiritually as one I asked your God that you take away all their problems and bring them peace happiness and prosperity and bring them together again as one amen

  36. Someone please pray for me and my relationship I’ve never been in love the way I have with this man and he treats me amazing I got impatient and started something that I personally couldn’t handle no no cheating or anything bad just basically wanting attention I’m thinking he was ignoring me and he was there but he has before and that’s what I’ve been through so much and I think the Lord for putting you through it because it made me the woman I am now but I love him so much and he is who I want with your support your strength your guidance I beg of you to reconnect our souls please please father

  37. Dear lord
    Help to save my relationship,and the troubles we have had and came upon lord Jesus we need your help, I know we love each other…. help us both to get on the right path together as a family….with our beautiful children

  38. God please strengthen my relationship make it stronger make it last please stop the angriness the fights etc please god heal it in your name i pray amen

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